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PCB Laser Adapter for Ender 3 v2 Design And Build Questions

Discussion in 'PCB Layout, Design and Manufacture' started by butternuts666, Jun 2, 2021.

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  1. butternuts666


    Jun 2, 2021
    Im trying to build a pcb board for my 3d printer that will connect a laser module to my ender 3 v2.

    Here are the links to the article and the linked github with the pcb design.

    My FAN runs at 24V R1 must be 2.2KOhm.

    Ive tried to open it in kicad and export the correct files to be able to send to a manufacturer to build and assemble but I am having zero luck. I just want to send whatever files I need to off to whichever company so that they can take care of everything and ship me the completed part.

    - I have no idea what company to choose. im just wanting 1 board as quickly as possible. any suggestions on who to go to would be very helpful
    - Can someone help throw these files together for me so that i can just send those files off to be made. I spent a good 6 to 8 hours reading and everything about kicad trying to accomplish this with no luck. that why im turning to the experts for help.

    thank you for any help
  2. Bluejets


    Oct 5, 2014
    Try JLCPCB...all in one spot.
  3. butternuts666


    Jun 2, 2021
    Ive checked them out. But my problem is i cant figure out how to get all the files together and in the right format for them to get it done. Thats why im asking on here if someone can help me put it all together or help me figure it out. Ive read for hours trying to figure everything out but i have 0 experience in pcb boards whatsoever. And very very minimal experience in electronics which pretty much is just me building my own desktop. Which is barely even electronics and more just plug the pieces where they fit. So if i can get help id crazy appreciate it.

    Thank you
  4. butternuts666


    Jun 2, 2021
    im following this guide

    - im not sure how make my pcb use jlcpcb's library

    - i generated the bill of materials ok i believe. But I was chatting with another manufacturer trying to get this solved and they kept asking for the bill of materials, and everytime I sent them the BOM file they said they need a manufacturer part number for each component so that they can make sure to use the right one. Which I have no idea how to go about accomplishing.

    - and when im trying to generate the Footprint Position (.pos) File i get an error no footprint for automated placement.

    also on another chat with a totally different manufacturer i tried uploading the files i attempted at making and he said the person who designed this didn't add an outline, which is required for production. which i had no idea was even a thing.

    And thats only step 3 ug. Now i have read many articles and the docs but im just worried that when trying to fix one thing ill mess up the premade pcb somehow. thats why im asking for some major help.

    thanks for the time
  5. butternuts666


    Jun 2, 2021
    So after many hours reading and attempting to figure this all out, i believe i got it pretty much. except for the last part

    the creator did a crap job of identifying what components i need to use. (I think, or Im just not figuring out how to see more details about them or something.) How can I find the correct components for the pcb. I try google and other searches but cant find anything thats even close to the name of the component im looking for. Im having a helluva time.

    if someone can help me figure this part out then i actually might get it done.

    Im willing to just buy this board if someone is willing to put it together for me. just message me at @butternuts666

    thanks for any help
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