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pcb etch mask, laminator stylee

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by Gazz, Jan 19, 2004.

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  1. Gazz

    Gazz Guest

    i'm getting into pcb making, i'm trying to be a skinflint and use one of the
    many methods of transfering the etching mask to the board using a laser
    printed layout, onto a piece of photo paper (hell of a lot cheaper than that
    pcb transfer paper)

    had a go last night using some bog standard photo paper i had laying about,
    and it kind of worked, some trackes didnt stick down too well.. i was using
    an iron to press and heat the layout over to the board,

    people have used a laminator to do this job, and apparantly get excelent
    results every time, stands to reason, uniform heat and pressure every time,

    so, i'm searching ebay for a laminator, anyone done this kind of pcb making

    is there a particular laminator that's better than the rest for use as a
    transfer pcb etch mask machine??

    obviousely i need one that has a straight run through the machine, is
    variable heat needed, variable roller speed.. or can i just put it through
    the machine twice to be sure it's worked if i cant slow the roller speed

    i'm trying to keep costs down here, hence i'm making the pcb's at home in
    the first place, so i dont want to be told to go and buy an XXXXX brand
    proffesional laminator.. only 3000 quid a pop,
  2. have you tried laser printable transparencies? you should be able to
    use those without much trouble, my friend made a board that way. you
    might have to touch up one or two pads with a sharpie, but overall it
    came out quite nicely. I only found out recently about the photo
    paper technique, so unfortunately i can't compare the methods for you.
    If you try both though, let us know how it goes!
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