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PCB drilling: problem solved

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Oct 19, 2006.

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  1. Guest

    I solved my problem. I liked the idea of a Dremel and a drill press
    stand, but didn't like the grumblings about the rigidity of the stand.
    I know some have claimed the older stands are better, but didn't want
    to mess with it.
    So, I found another company that makes rotory tools and a nice sturdy
    stand. Proxxon, which I know someone here has mentioned, makes a very
    nice rotary tool, and a very solid stand, although with a bit of "made
    in Taiwan" cheapness. But the stand is solid as far as drilling is

    BTW the rotary tool doesn't seem cheap at all, and is made in DE and LU.
  2. Deustchland and Lusitania? ;-P
  3. Guest

    You're half right.
  4. Guest

    If you can't afford 33$ to have a two-sided plated-through-hole board
    with solder mask and silkscreen made, how can you afford the tools,
    chemicals, materials, time and space to futz around to end up with an
    inferior product in every way?

    The mentality of you DIY PCB guys baffles me totally.
  5. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    If you only have enough money for a $3.00 board, and $2.00 worth of
    etchant, and need it right now ...

    Well, you "appliance operators" have never understood "Real Hobbyists"
    anyway. ;-) ;-)

  6. Jeff Findley

    Jeff Findley Guest

    Yep. I needed four (peripheral) USB jacks for a recent project. I ended up
    buying four iPod Shuffle (old style) docking stations on clearance at Radio
    Shack for $3. Not only did they have the socket I needed, but also came
    with cables and other goodies I can use. ;-)

    For me this really is a hobby, so I really don't have any deadlines to meet.
    And since I've got three kids, I've got little money for the hobby to begin

  7. Tim Auton

    Tim Auton Guest

    Who says people who make DIY PCBs can't afford professionally made ones?
    I roll my own because I can have a finished board in a couple of hours
    rather than a couple of weeks.

  8. Leon

    Leon Guest

    Speed is the reason I do it, I can make a prototype PCB at home in
    about 30 minutes.

  9. Nico Coesel

    Nico Coesel Guest

    Exactly! I keep my etching machine around just in case I want a simple
    PCB quick.
  10. Guest

    if you pay an extra $10 for fedex delievery, you can have shipped
  11. Guest

    if you pay an extra $10 for fedex delievery, you can have shipped
  12. With that logic, why climb the mountain when you can rent a helicopter and
    fly up there. Because we can make our own and prototypes don't have to be
    made with professional pcb's, they just have to work.
  13. DJ Delorie

    DJ Delorie Guest

    You also have to pay for rush service *buildling* the board, which can
    sometimes double the price. And you still won't have it for a few
    days, because it still takes 1-2 days to make the board, plus a day to
    ship it. The last board I had made took almost three weeks from
    ordering to possession, because I couldn't justify the cost of "fast"

    You can mask, etch, and drill a board in about an hour. I do my own
    boards for all my one-shot boards (i.e. prototypes, test boards,
    socket adapters, etc), but send out for the "final" boards. I might
    revise a board a few times in a day before I get it right.

    Plus it's more fun to do it yourself sometimes.
  14. DJ Delorie

    DJ Delorie Guest

    "Fedex. When it absolutely, positively, doesn't have to be there
    until tomorrow."
  15. Guest

    It's not a matter of being able to afford it. I'm impatient, and it's
    not economical for me. Did I mention I'm impatient?
    The last board I did, just a week or two ago, is single side, all
    through hole, and would cost $60 USD total from PCBCART in 7 days. I
    only need one. No soldermask, silkscreen, nothing extra.

    All my tools/materials for doing my own cost much less than $200.
    Chemicals and consumable materials are cheap. $60 for one 3.5x7 inch,
    single side board. Plus I wait a FULL WEEK. That's about 1/3 the cost
    of my tools/materials alone.

    How does it make sense again to have a PCB house make all your PCBs??
  16. Barry Lennox

    Barry Lennox Guest

    The mentality of the out-source brigade baffles me. Despite all the
    PCB house promises, and their "premium-rush" charges, they always seem
    to end up a day late with creative excuses "Ah-ha we received the
    files at 0802, they must be there by 0800" --- "It's a public holiday
    in Mongolia" ---- : "We had them our ready, but the Fedex guy missed
    his pickup, real bad luck" and so on. There seems to be no way to
    get a PCB in less than 3-4 days. Even goofing about, I can make a
    prototype in a couple of hours.
  17. DJ Delorie

    DJ Delorie Guest

    And before anyone mentions "precision"...

    That's an 01005 capacitor next to a TVSOP (0.4mm pitch) part,
    hand-soldered onto a home-made board. Photo taken with a microscope.
  18. [/QUOTE]
    So you only have one design happening at a time?

    Work on one thing, send off the gerbers, start the next idea, by the
    time you are bored with that the PCBs will have arrived, so you can
    get un/board/bored playing on the workbench, then when you get bored
    back to the next or last but one idea.

    and nothing ever gets finished :)

  19. YD

    YD Guest

    Late at night, by candle light, penned this
    immortal opus:
    For the investment you can make many boards, with a significant
    reduction in per board cost, even the one-offs.

    Hobbyists don't care about the extra time and labor, they do it for

    Some designers make initial prototypes, it's a lot faster than waiting
    for the boardhouse to get off its ass.

    That said, if a design is done and is sellable it's time to send it
    off for professional fabrication.

    - YD.
  20. Nico Coesel

    Nico Coesel Guest

    You really are sick :) Welcome to the club!
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