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Discussion in 'CAD' started by John Eric Voltin, Jul 7, 2005.

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  1. Can anyone recommend a good PCB design tool (schematics, PCB layout/routing,
    Gerber file generation) with a price under $1,000? I have seen some of the
    free PCB tools provided by board manufacturers, but they all seem to have
    serious limitations.

    I would need the ability to create multi-layer boards up to 6 layers with
    ground and power planes. Generally, I am working on very simple boards.

    I have previously worked with a designer that uses Protel and that had
    plenty of capability for my needs.

    Is there a web site that reviews such tools? I haven't found anything yet,
    but I'll keep looking

    - John

    John Eric Voltin
    Mechanical Engineer
    Agile Technology
  2. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

  3. I use Eagle and find that while it has some quirks, meets all of my needs. To
    get the number of layers you are after you'll be looking at one of the Eagle
    professional packages. Cost of the full package with autorouter is $1200USD
    which is a little bit more than you indicated you are willing to spend, but a
    lot less than Protel will cost you.

    Terry Pinnell maintains a list of ECAD packages you should take a look at.

    Good luck.
  4. Guest

    One option is Vutrax. Does all the things you suggest plus design
    checking which I suggest you add to your features list anyway.
    You don't mention operating system or capacity requirements.
    You can download the 256 pin free issue for Windows or Linux
    at either of (Main UK site) (Central Europe Mirror)
    Pricing for larger capacity bundles is on the site.
  5. Glassman

    Glassman Guest

  6. fred*

    fred* Guest

    I'm just in the same case and just find (yesterday) Rimu :

    I didn't do many tests yet with the demo version, but it really seem to be what I was looking for
    and less than 200Euros..!!
    and it even has some little things that could remind you of the Protel interface :
    - Ctrl+wheelmouse for zooming
    - middle button + drag for Panning (was right button on Protel)
  7. Leon

    Leon Guest

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