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PC TV Card Problem. Output \ Input Levels Reducing?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Pete, Dec 21, 2005.

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  1. Pete

    Pete Guest

    I have an electronics problem with my AIW 128 32MB TV tuner AGP Card
    connected to my set top box (cable TV) outputs.

    I think the audio output from the TV card to the sound card (line-in)
    is far too high (peak voltage?) and causes audio to be slightly
    clipped and muffled (even with the set-top box audio set down to

    This is more of a problem with coax \ TV than s-vid (direct audio).
    Also the sound decoded from the coax signal tends to rise and drop (a
    result of overdrive \ normalising going on in the card??)

    Other people have reported similar problems (even with more modern
    cards) as these cards were generally not designed to hang off the back
    of a set-top box which I suspect is a boosted signal adding to the

    For audio would there be any problem with simply putting a resistor in
    series with the common for the loopback cable (from TV card audio out
    to sound card audio in)? I might just try a pot but what sort of
    resistance should I aim for? 100ohms or more? Would I need anything
    like a capacitor? (Voltages are likely to be between .1v to 5v

    For video would it be feasible to reduce the input signal (to the TV
    card) from the VHF coax TV coming from the set-top box. How would I do
    this? Could I again place a resistor inline with the coax or does this
    require a different method. (I realise the video signal will be
    weakend to.)

    I'm not too hot on complex electronics so easy methods would be more

    What I am concerned with is not introducing too much noise.

    Any ideas?


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