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PC sound to PC speaker / Stereo

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by swede, Jan 12, 2005.

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  1. swede

    swede Guest

    I recently wired a toggle switch (DPDT - 5 amp - 125VAC, 3 POS) up to a
    few input plugs so that I use a patch cable from radio shack to connect
    my sound card (speaker out) to the plug connected to the center set of
    connectors on the switch, and I plug the PC speakers in one connector and
    another cable to the home stereo (plugged into the Phono inputs on a JVC

    It looks good, but I get a bad humming sound when I try to play it
    through my home stereo. I have that computers video output to the TV and
    would like to have the sound come from the stereo there instead of from
    my PC speakers. The sound from the PC speakers is still good.

    Now, I can figure out most connections, but I don't know about the
    voltage that different type of wire can handle. I figured that since it
    was not using a lot of power, I could get by with using a spare piece of
    CAT5e soldered to the plugs and the toggle switch. Ok, I was lazy and
    the color coding made it simple. I used a couple small pieces to connect
    the ground directly without the switch.

    Previously when I would plug the stereo into the audio out on that sound
    card it would work fine, but reaching behind the computer and finding the
    right cable and the right hole is a pain.

    ANy suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated.

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