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PC power supply.

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Dave Plowman (News), Dec 12, 2007.

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  1. I have an Acorn computer still in use for news and email etc - no
    possibility of viruses etc. And a superb newsreader.

    However, the PS failed in a big way - lots of components burnt out. I have
    a spare, but it is of lower power so can't run all the extras I've fitted
    over the years.

    It's a simple PS - only +/-12 and 5 volts.

    Now ATX etc PS are cheap as chips but won't fit the case due to the
    size/shape. The original is long and thin.

    Glancing through the website of a large UK electronics supplier I came
    across one which would fit physically - I believe it's a TFX type and had
    plenty of power in reserve for my application.

    So I bought one and although the main Molex connector was the same as my
    'real' PC - a 20 pin with a four clipped on (ATX2?) the wire colours were
    rather different. The mains outputs were the normal red for 5 etc, but the
    control ones different. For example the switch pin - 14 - is normally
    green. No green wire anywhere. This one had a grey wire to it - and where
    the standard grey is to pin 8 this one has orange. ;-)

    But grounding pin 14 got it going - so I'm just curious. Did they run out
    of wire or is it to some standard I've not heard of?
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