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PC Monior issues

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Bible John, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. Bible John

    Bible John Guest

    The screen just got faded and fuzzy at 1152 x 862 pixels, but looks great in
    800- x 600 pixels. Is the monitor dying, or is the video card?

    I dont have another PC to test.

  2. brushhead

    brushhead Guest

    I've just dumped my CRT version for that very same reason, although my
    case was at 1024*768.

    Got a new LCD now and it looks great.

  3. Mike T.

    Mike T. Guest

    If an analog monitor, it's most likely a loose or bad cable. -Dave
  4. Bhagat Gurtu

    Bhagat Gurtu Guest

    It happen because a kind of god fog 'burn in' syndrome develop inside

    You have choice of running at 800x600 forever more or you can do an
    anti-burn in procedure for a few days to restore your monitor back to
    1152x862. The choice is yours.

    To restore your monitor just download image of an 1152x862 pixel sized
    pussy from a porno site and set it as the desktop background image. Turn
    off your screen saver, set max contrast and high brightness and run your
    PC for a few days.

    Although there are no gaurantees, it should work. You might have to use
    Photoshop to create an exactly 1152x862 sized pussy however.
  5. JAD

    JAD Guest

    Yeah then after your monitor is working you can try and patch things up with your wife and
    have that sit down with your kids.......
  6. WooHoo2You

    WooHoo2You Guest

    That's has been my background for the last ten years! Is that why I have
    never had a monitor die?
  7. jasen

    jasen Guest

    you're a few days early with that advice!


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