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PC Keyboard with Scientific Calculator Buttons

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by D from BC, May 22, 2007.

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  1. D from BC

    D from BC Guest

    I still like using my scientific calculator for electronics

    I misplaced my calculator one day and decided to try out Windows Xp
    built in calculator..
    What a pita moving the mouse around to each button.

    How come there's no PC keyboards with scientific buttons like handheld
    (I didn't notice any at Future shop .)

    Heck...My PC works with multiple keyboards...
    Anybody seen a scientific keyboard + software..?
    I want SIN COS and TAN buttons damn it! :)

    I do use Mathematica and Excel on occasion but I'm lazy to learn hot
    keys and don't like gaming style mousing for little calculations.
    D from BC
  2. Coleston

    Coleston Guest

    Optimus Maximus will be able to have that functionality, if it ever
    actually ships and if anyone actually wants to spend 1200 on a
    keyboard. (I do, I do!!!)
  3. D from BC

    D from BC Guest

    Wow!!! Each button is a color display.. Arrfff! Arfff! :)

    I can just imagine all the CAD icons or electronic symbols on the
    keyboard buttons..SIN COS and TAN buttons too in calculator mode.

    I liked the Half Life keyboard demo on

    And best of all..There will be an ANY key!!

    So expensive :(...
    D from BC
  4. none

    none Guest

    I use the excellent HP48 emulator from I-can't-remember-where, that has
    pretty much all calc the keys mapped to keyboard ones (as labelled on
    the calculator image).

  5. Get a real calculator again, they cost next to nothing, you'll sleep
    better at night, and you'll be able to take it into the lab or
    wherever. Infinitely better than any PC calculator.

  6. Typing sin(something) in C was never very difficult.
    If C is too complicated get an old BASIC somewhere.
    But I often write small C programs to do some number crunching.
    printf() is your friend.
  7. How utterly horrid!

    Google has a calculator too, type "sin(1)" and there's your answer,
    never have to leave your bowser.
    Google calculator even gets the correct answer to the ultimate

  8. Browser? Linux has things like scilab,
    google for:
    and/or read:

    I usually have about 8 xterms (or rxvt) open with all sorts of stuff, browser
    No KDE crap here... fvwm, just 9 virtual desktops (enough really).

    42 huh? ;-)


    -->sin(%pi / 2)
    ans =


    -->sin(%pi )
    ans =


    Oh well, nothing is perfect :)
  9. So, you want to calculate sin(15)-- key in (on the numeric keypad)
    "1", "5" then "S" (or "s"). Three keystrokes, how hard is that?

    One should always eschew the lowly desk rodent and "la boule roulante"
    for key commands triggering frequently-used functions.

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
  10. D from BC

    D from BC Guest

    S is for Sin? Wow...only a bunch of other hot keys to slowly learn
    over time.. Like the @...

    Huhhh...I found the XP calculator hot keys.
    I've listed some below..

    ln n
    log l
    +/- F9
    M+ CTRL+P
    n! !
    pi p
    Radians F3
    C ESC
    CE DEL
    sin s
    cos o
    sqrt @
    Degrees F2
    tan t
    Exp x
    x^2 @
    F-E v
    x^3 #
    x^y y

    I have an idea..
    Since my PC can use multiple keyboards..I'm going to buy another
    keyboard and stick notes on the buttons.

    SIN on the S button
    COS on the C button
    EXP on the X button
    PI on the P button
    Sqrt on the @ button <<a little more difficult to remember

    But even that sucks because the buttons are all over the place and I'd
    rather use a calculator..

    So I might get a small handheld PC keypad and just assign every button

    Maybe wireless too :)

    A bluetooth calculator?
    D from BC
  11. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    You don't have to !

    Just type the numbers in from the keyboard. + - / and * all work too.

  12. D from BC

    D from BC Guest

    Doh! ....
    Damn...its the lead :p
    But math function keys are all over the keyboard, even if I knew where
    they were.

    I'd like to find a "one hand" blank keyboard and assign buttons.

    Maybe 2.. A left hand keypad and an right hand keypad..

    For example:
    Left hand keypad for schematic control...Right hand on mouse..
    Right hand keypad is for math.

    Keyboards are great for word processing but seem sucky for program
    control were all I'm doing is selecting icons.
    D from BC
  13. It was a joke, pointing out that most people these days don't have to
    leave their browser to do anything.
    I didn't understand a word of that!, but I suspect you might need to
    get outside more :->

    I'll happily continue to use my *real* calculator for most tasks,
    I can take it with me in my pocket, it's got zero boot time, never
    crashes, requires minimal keystrokes, and does not need to burn 100W
    of power. The best tool for the job is always purpose designed.

  14. D from BC

    D from BC Guest

    Anybody using a scientific calculator with a USB connection?

    Wouldn't it be cool to do this...

    Make a calculation on the USB calculator...
    1.34*10E-4 Amps squared * 4.87ohms = blah
    (Format for 2 decimal places)
    Then press one button (on the handheld calculator) which pastes from
    the clipboard into a schematic program or sim program.

    So I click on each part..punch in some calculations...paste..
    Next part..calc calc calc ..paste
    Next part ...calc calc calc ..paste
    D from BC
  15. D from BC

    D from BC Guest

    Normally I grab my handheld calculator, make some calculations and
    then I have to type the result in LTSpice for each resistor.
    It would be nice just to transfer the result with a button.

    Later on I change all the values to closest production values.

    Ohms is the default in LTSpice

    D from BC
  16. You'll just have to retype them all again anyway when you re-layout
    the circuit in a proper schematic editor so you can make your board.

  17. D from BC

    D from BC Guest

    Cough... :p
    Yup...For now..
    I just had some trouble with Mulitsim. (Models and some learning
    difficulties with the program.)
    So I often prefer to do spice with SwitcherCADIII...
    Then I do the ridiculous thing of redoing the schematic in Mulitsim
    not for spice but just for capture because it's nicely linked to
    Ultiboard for PCB layout.
    Linear Tech can quote me on that :)

    Either I'll get Multisim working for me or I'll learn to format
    LTSpices netlist for Ultiboard.

    Regardless...I still would like to have a dedicated keyboard in some
    fashion to do scientific calculations at any time with results that
    transfer to the clipboard.
    I did a little googling and only found USB numeric keypads.. No user
    defined keys on a blank keypad yet.
    D from BC
  18. YD

    YD Guest

    Late at night, by candle light, Jan Panteltje
    Do a search for Console Calculator (ccalc.exe). It's freeware, quite
    small and you just copy it over to wherever, no install needed.

    - YD.
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