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pc circuit boards

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by species8350, Jul 22, 2004.

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  1. species8350

    species8350 Guest

    I would like to undertsand something of the circuit boards in pc's.

    Has anyone come across a suitable url which explains the
    technicalities (suitable for a beginner).


    ps. Supplementary question.

    Does anyone know how modems can be tested for integrity (if the
    circuit is working or not). Most people I have talked to say the only
    way is by substituing the circuit into a pc which is known to work.
    But surely the manufacturers have a method.

    Any references to the component parts (what does what and how) also


  2. Kalo

    Kalo Guest

    Sure they do. Basically, they have a working computer without a case.
    They plug in the modem and run very specific software that injects known
    commands into the modem and measures its responses. Could you set up a
    bench test bed of nails to test a given modem? Certainly. But, by the
    time you knew what to put where, you'd learn very little from thae
    actual test.
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