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PC/104 or ISA motherboards.

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Cory Seligman, Jul 2, 2004.

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  1. Hi group,

    I've got an embedded application that I've developed hardware and
    software for on an old Pentium 120 as a prototype platform. I designed
    ISA bus cards, and wrote some multithreaded software in linux, since
    it was the fastest way of doing what I wanted.

    The time has come now to make the whole thing more standalone and
    develop it further using components that are still available. ISA bus
    motherboards dont seem to exist new, and PC/104 seems very expensive
    for what it is.

    I've looked a bit at the mini-itx motherboards and so on, but none
    seem to have ISA bus.

    The basic requirements are:

    High 486 or low end pentium class. (Basically so it can run a minimum
    config Linux with enough guts left over to do the number crunching I
    need. The P120 I'm running now is about right)

    ISA bus is better (since the PCBS I designed are ISA edge connectors,
    but I could redesign for PC/104 if I have to)

    preferably ethernet on board, but of course I can use a card for that.
    10Mbps is fine.

    Still available new. We've gotten beyond being able to justify
    scrounging old stuff.

    Small(ish) form factor is better, but not critical.

    anyone got any suggestions? I'm having a lot of trouble finding stuff
    like this available in Australia.

    I would have expected that a couple of hundred dollars should about
    cover it, since it's be very old established technology.

  2. If you only want one or two PC104 mobo's, i may be able to help. I am
    fairly sure that I have a couple of 486ish boards. Whatever they are,
    they are still commercially available through advantech i think.
  3. Ernest

    Ernest Guest

    If you want to stay with ISA you are best to be looking at
    Pentium boards or older some PII boards do have one or two
    ISA slots but after that it is all PCI.

    If you want just one or two machines to do this work with
    you will find plenty in the second hand computer shops
    and e-bay etc. If you are looking to market this, what
    ever it is, then you will have to seriously consider re tooling
    to PCI or PCI express.

    Deadly Ernest

    (my new keyboard, with small keys,
    accepts full responsibility for all
    typographical and spelling errors)
  4. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    I have a large box of PC 104 parts, work was cleaning up last year so
    out these went.

    I'll have to check what is the CPU on them, but I've at least one of
    every type (IO controllers, HDD controlers, Video) and others that
    I've no idea what they are for/from.

    I have nearly two complete sets / pcs but require a second memory card
    for the second one.

    I'll check tomorrow what the cpu is if you are interested.
    I know one set works as I was running dos off of it for a while,

  5. thanks for the pointer. Most of the other replies missed the point
    that it needs to be currently available. I'll check out advantech.

    If i was just after secondhand stuff, I'd be looking in the dumpster
    here at work.

  6. Scott B

    Scott B Guest

    I've looked a bit at the mini-itx motherboards and so on, but none
    There is a P4 SuperMicro motherboard with GIGA-Bit LAN, Serial-ATA,
    USB2 onboard AND ISA slots
    The model is P4SCA ( search for full stats ) this
    is a full size MB so I don't know if would suit.
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