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Pausing a DVD

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Yellow Submarine, Apr 26, 2004.

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  1. Is there any downside to pausing a DVD for any length of time?

    I was watching a DVD for the first time last night and paused it a
    couple of times for a minute or so. About halfway though the movie
    started skipping and then refused to play to the end. The beginning
    still worked though. I got the same results when I tried it on other

    While cleaning it, I saw pits that I hadn't noticed before. This was a
    brand-new DVD that I had just opened. Is it possible that pausing the
    DVD or something else in that player made those pits or is it more
    likely they were there all the time and I didn't see them?
  2. WEBPA

    WEBPA Guest

    Is there any downside to pausing a DVD for any length of time?
    It is most likely that the pits were there before you played it. If your
    machine won't play it, and your machine will play all your other disks, then it
    is defective. Try to get the vendor to replacement.

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