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Part of my mini DV has been repaired

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Jeff, Dec 23, 2003.

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  1. Jeff

    Jeff Guest

    In september I post questions about repairing my mini-DV which was
    water damaged. Now, I have revived the electronics part, including 3"
    LCD display. At least it can be used as a video giditizer. I have
    tested for several days for different functions. All the inputs and
    outputs are fine except 1394 interfaces because I have no interface
    card and cable now. The optical part works although not as sharp as
    new. In the past two and half months most time was on the two repaire
    manuals and components dilivery. After replacing two parts on the DC
    circuit of the main board, it works. There is mechanics problem
    now(The tape can load, but display C 31 11 or C 32 11). I think the
    best way is to look for a whole deck replacement. Does anyone have
    Sony DCR-TRV 15 or 17 damaged other than the machanism deck? If it is
    not worth repairing and willing to sell, I would be interested in it.
    You can send email to , or respond here.

    Especially I thank Jeff Liebermann, who gave me valuable opinions and
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