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Parking Sensor Leads

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Ellis, Feb 13, 2006.

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  1. Ellis

    Ellis Guest


    I am trying to fit reverse parking sensors to a Nissan Micra. There are two
    wires on the unit that have to be connected to the reverse light circuit on
    the Micra. One red and one black.

    There are five wires feeding the rear lights unit on the Micra. Two are red.
    One is black. One is dark green and the other one is light green.

    I have to find out which ones are feeding the reverse light so that when the
    car goes in to reverse, the digital display is activated.

    I am going to use a multimeter to test the leads. I am going to switch the
    gear of the Micra into reverse so that the reverse light comes on. Then I am
    going to probe the leads so I can find out which wires are the ones
    providing the circuit for the reverse lights.

    Question is? What is the best way to probe leads?? Should I snick a little
    hole in to the insulation so I can put the probe directly in to the wire??

    Would I be correct in assuming that the two most likely wires are one of the
    reds, and the black, (in the Micra)??

    Grateful for any help. Dont want to do any damage to the Micra which belongs
    to a friend.

  2. why not access the light unit as if changing a bulb and see what colour
    the leads are there or even connect into them at that point

    don't forget however that there will not neccersarily be a negative wire
    in your wiring loom as it most likely uses the body work as an earth

    car wiring doesn't conform to the red and black principle

    if you really want to test the wires by probing them with your meter I
    would clip the negative to the body shiny metal and clip the positive
    lead to a needle and poke about with that.

  3. Ellis

    Ellis Guest

    Will try that first. That would make life very easy.
    Needle sounds an excellent idea. Part of the problem (apart from my own
    ignorance) is that the car is parked in the street and the weather has been
    too cold and the light too poor to do much. I am hoping for a bright spring
    day soon. Your advice is very helpful, Thankyou.

  4. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    I guess you wouldn't want to be crawling under the car looking for the
    reverse light sensor on the tranny, then. ;-)

    What'd be slick is to go to the public library, if you have a really big
    one near you, and look up the wiring diagram for your car - there might
    be a reverse light signal accessible right in the passenger compartment.
    But, I guess stringing wires through the trunk shouldn't be all that bad.

    Have Fun!
  5. Ellis

    Ellis Guest

    Went to the local library but no manual available for this car. Stringing
    wires through the trunk is the way to go, according to the parking sensor

    Most parking sensors that I have seen have just two wires. A red one that
    connects to the reverse light circuit, and a black one that is earthed on
    the car body.

    This one that I got off Ebay has a power connector with two wires, one red
    and one black. It also has one connector for the reverse light circuit,
    which is a single red wire.

    The reason is it doubles up as a digital clock as well as a reversing
    parking sensor. So I guess it needs two power supplies, one that activates
    the clock and one that is activated only when the gear is put into reverse.

    I don't need the clock so I am going to put the two red wires together and
    connect them to the reverse light circuit. I have not figured out what to do
    with the black one yet (until I do some probing with the multimeter).

    I have connected both red wires to the positive terminal of a battery and
    the black wire to the negative terminal and the whole thing works just fine.
    (But it only works when the two red wires are joined together).

    I looked at the reverse light socket today and it looks to just have one
    terminal feeding the socket so I am thinking maybe the car body is used as
    the earth return (as Chris suggested).

    The car belongs to a friend of mine and when we checked the lights this
    afternoon we, or rather I, discovered that one of the rear brake lights was
    kaput, as well as one of the front side lights. These things the driver may
    not be aware of (until it is pointed out to them by an officer of the law).

    So some good has come of this enterprise so far. Just hope I don't blow the
    circuits on the car fitting the sensors.

    Thanks for the replies.

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