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parallel port wiring confusion

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Rob Graves, Jan 28, 2004.

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  1. Rob Graves

    Rob Graves Guest

    Most of the pinouts for various cables I've come accross do not denote
    wether the connections are for the parallel port or the parallel port cable
    Is the numbering scheme on a female connector different than a male
    If someone could explain how parallel wiring works that would be great.

  2. Look at:

    All you ever want to know and much more.

  3. The pin numbers on the male and female DB-25 connectors are the same -
    when mated, male pin 1 connects to female socket 1 (and the same
    applies to any other connector family I've used).

    On some _cables_, pin x on one end is not connected to pin x at the
    other - in a "Null Modem" serial cable, pin 2 at one end is connected
    to pin 3 at the other, and verse visa (and several other connections
    are swapped).

    If you have a cable with different types of connectors at each end
    (like an old PC printer cable, with a DB25 at one end, and a 36way
    Centronics at the other), it is fairly unlikely that connections will
    be pin-to-pin.
  4. Rob Graves

    Rob Graves Guest

  5. Rob Graves

    Rob Graves Guest

    Thanks for the description.
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