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Parallel Port: Can status bits be used as outputs?

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Steve Lieberman, Jul 26, 2003.

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  1. Hi,

    I know a lot of people want to use parallel port outputs as inputs; I
    have the opposite dilemma.

    I am working on a particular application where it would be far more
    convenient to use pins 10-13 on the parallel port (normally status
    bits) as outputs. Otherwise I would have to create custom cabling
    which would be rather inconvenient.

    Is it possible to use pins 10-13 as outputs on most PC parallel ports?
    Could doing so damage the card or PC?

    Steve Lieberman
  2. Apparatus

    Apparatus Guest


    I tried briefly to do this without much luck. I believe it is possible
    but you need to use a the parallel port subsystem. My quick solution
    was to use two 373 latches and the eight data bits of the parallel
    port. Using one of the bits as chip select, I was able to get 14 I/O

    Chandler (Chandler923 at hotmail dot com)
  3. Is it possible to use pins 10-13 as outputs on most PC parallel ports?

    Sorry, mate - you're out of luck. There's no way to control those bits.

  4. Jelle

    Jelle Guest

    PIN 1 Strobe/ Output
    PIN 2 Data0 Bidir
    PIN 3 Data1 Bidir
    PIN 4 Data2 Bidir
    PIN 5 Data3 Bidir
    PIN 6 Data4 Bidir
    PIN 7 Data5 Bidir
    PIN 8 Data6 Bidir
    PIN 9 Data7 Bidir
    PIN 10 Ack/ Input
    PIN 11 Busy Input
    PIN 12 Paper Empty Input
    PIN 13 Select Input
    PIN 14 Autofeed/ Output
    PIN 15 Error/ Input
    PIN 16 Init Output
    PIN 17 Select Input/ Output
    PIN 18-25 GND

    And there's is no way to change that!!!
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