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Parallel port ( bit data logger?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Abacus-Ri, Jun 25, 2004.

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  1. Abacus-Ri

    Abacus-Ri Guest

    Hi to all,

    until now I' used LoganQ program and hardware as data logger over parallel
    port and it was very useful, but recently I change my laptop with one
    running WINXP PRO. I can not use LoganQ any more. Could you please give me
    some idea to build other logger but with software running on WINXP or maybe
    you can point me to some software to jump Parallel port protections in WINXP
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Si Ballenger

    Si Ballenger Guest

    Go to the below site and get the file. Run userport
    and you will again have access to the parallel port.
  3. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Guest

    You might also look at the one bit data scope at It captures one bit
    at about 100Khz and is parasitically powered by
    the port. The Tcl/Tk program with it *should*
    run on WinXP.

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