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Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by alarman, Jun 11, 2004.

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  1. alarman

    alarman Guest

    Well, I'm still looking at Caddx controls, but have problems with some of
    the features. I do like the selection of wireless transmitters, and the
    keypads are nice. A couple things bother me;

    1. No CSFM listing in the manual, or sticker in the panel. I called Caddx,
    and they didn't really know for sure. Plus, I got the impression they just
    weren't going to try very hard to find out for me. Not like the Caddx Tech
    Support I used to know.

    2. I don't like having to buy a 16 zone expander when I just need 8 more.
    And the latching TLM is a true bummer.

    3. The N586 computer direct interface needs to be powered. Not a biggie, but
    still a PITA.

    5. Upload/download is slooooooooowwwwwww.

    6. You can't always disarm/stop the keypad trouble beep even with a valid
    code. There was a similar glitch in the old Ranger series panels.

    7. GE's website sucks.

    8. A friend, also new to Caddx, has already had a zonex board failure. (Bad
    out of the box)

    9. Two call DSL timer is set at 45 seconds. Too long, and NOT adjustable. I
    haven't had any luck with the tone sniff mode, even with the Hayes 1200.

    10. I'll need to get used to the sideways mounting boards and the funky
    mounting brackets.

    I've contacted Paradox now that they're supported locally. (Alarmax,
    Riverside) I need to see for myself if they're as good as RHC says. The
    wireless transmitters are HUGE though. And what's with the 5 and 7 zone
    panels?? A little odd. Damn Canadians!

    They are CSFM listed though, sticker on the panel and all.
  2. RH.Campbell

    RH.Campbell Guest

    Now, nice ! Obviously I'm biased, but I do like them much more
    than DSC (500 in service compared to 200 DSC). No bugs, no unexplainable
    supervisory troubles, no problems at all. I'm only installing the Spectra
    panel now for new installations, and only with the high end LCD keypad !
    It's a breeze to program once you load all the non-changeable programming in
    by memory key. Then all you have to do is add account code, zone
    definitions, ID, and away you go, and you're sure there are no errors....

    You're quite right, their wireless door contacts are on the large side. On
    the plus side though, there is never a problem programming them in as there
    often is with DSC wireless. And you can see signal strength right on the
    keypad LCD !! I've had no problems with anything so far, and no failures,
    although a buddy told me he has had a couple of keyfobs quit on him.....

    Programming is quite different from DSC or Ademco, but give 'em a fair
    shake, and I think you will like the line....

    Five and seven zones...hmmm....come to think of it, that is a bit odd
    compared to US brands....

    PS: Don't forget to factory default each panel before you load with the
    memory seems for awhile, during the factory quality control
    testing, they had to take the dialers off line to do other tests, and
    sometimes forgot to bring them back on. A factory default solves that. If
    you're not careful, you can mistake this for defective dialers. And I don't
    know if this is still the case or was just the case with an early run;
    however, I always do it before putting each panel in service just to be

  3. Jim Rojas

    Jim Rojas Guest

    The Paradox panels are rock solid. The software is nice as well.

    Jim Rojas
  4. alarman

    alarman Guest

    Russ Brill wrote
    Yes, yes it could...or,... here's a thought, why not have it clear with the
    Yes, the key word is usually. I'm kind of partial to having the code work,
    oh say, allways.

    Damn optimist. Say, you're not Canadian are ya?
  5. alarman

    alarman Guest

    ? Never had trouble programming the sensors. About the only thing I don't
    like is the sensors close to the receiver do not always work consistently.
    I like that idea, but DSC has a similar feature. Not signal strength really,
    just good, fair, bad.

    I haven't seen anything yet that I like as well as DSC, when it works, so
    I'm hoping Paradox will be a pleasant surprise.

  6. Mark Leuck

    Mark Leuck Guest

    There really isn't many panels with 16 onboard zones
    Haven't looked at that yet
    Can be, don't upload the alpha unless you have to
    Haven't seen that yet
    God ain't that the truth, typical big corporate bloat.
    Haven't seen that either, most people I've met who use Caddx went to it
    because of the quality control problems with DSC, they love Caddx
    Tone sniff works fine for me, I too wish they'd have that timer adjustable
    I'm amazed at how much I can squeeze into the box using that mounting style,
    think of how much is wasted with other panels
    Frank must work for em
  7. Mark Leuck

    Mark Leuck Guest

    The software is gross, they need to really redo the entire interface
  8. alarman

    alarman Guest

    Mark Leuck wrote
    I meant it would be nice to have an 8-zone expander. Caddx only has a 16.

    Then what good is upload? Just comparing it to DSC, Caddx sucks in this

    It's maddening. Used to happen to my Ranger customers once in a while. It
    happened to me on my new Caddx NX8E a couple weeks ago when I tried to clear
    the TLM trouble.
    Probably just a fluke, but worth mentioning.

    I need to play with it some more. Probably something I've not set right.
    I could get used to it, but weird.

    No, I already checked with AZ and BB.

  9. Mark Leuck

    Mark Leuck Guest

    How much was that 8-zone expander then compared to what the 16 is now?
    Assuming the panel was previously uploaded, for anything after that why
    upload the whole thing again?
    True but with an NX-6 box I was able to fit a wireless receiver, 2-way voice
    board and an uplink interface, hard to do that with anything else in that
    small of a package
    I thought AZ was a Linear guy?
  10. RH.Campbell

    RH.Campbell Guest

    The signal strength displays as a series of numbers on the screen from 1
    through 8, with 8 being the strongest received signal and 1 the
    different than DSC really....

  11. alarman

    alarman Guest

    Mark Leuck wrote in
    The DSC 8 zone expander is half the cost of the Caddx 16. Most jobs I do
    call for 16 zones or less, so the extra 8 would be a waste.
    True, just comparing to DSC it's real slow. Many times I program by keypad
    then upload later.
    I know. I have an NX8E, wireless receiver, 16-zone expander, and a short 66
    block in my NX8 can now.
    He moonlights.
  12. alarman

    alarman Guest

    rck wrote
    Support that with the actual posts please.
    Most end users have little experience with professional security equipment,
    that is true. What is your point?
    No, I have been installing and servicing security systems since 1982.

  13. alarman

    alarman Guest

    Russ Brill wrote
    Russ, this guy fried his board, then blamed his error on poor engineering.
    Give him some rope.
  14. alarman

    alarman Guest

    You're confusing poor engineering with poor quality control. The DSC
    products are extraordinary, given the features they offer. Lately the QC in
    the manufacturing process sucks. Sorry if I've mistaken you for someone

  15. alarman

    alarman Guest

    Ah, yes.
    I sympathize. Reminds me of putting a Skyroute radio in a Power 832 can. Try
    reaching the zone 7 and 8 and telco terminals. Grrrrr...
  16. Julian

    Julian Guest

    how about the 4020's .. which i think are still done with the telco terms on
    the side .. hard to get it in there especailly when the knockout is above
    that and the wires come in right there...
    but then again, if you use an RJ, usual isnt a need.
  17. RH.Campbell

    RH.Campbell Guest

    Yes, I fully agree with you on the Paradox line. My 10 years worth of
    records covering about 500 Paradox panels and 200 DSC panels also shows a
    significant difference in service troubles.

    The unit you're talking about is the Magellan available early August by all
    accounts. It appears to be an excellent unit; however, they could have
    improved things (albeit at extra cost) by putting the dialer in a unit
    remotely separate from the "squawkbox" itself.

    .............cynical mode ....."on"

    However, it will undoubtably suit the mass marketers to a tee (many of whom
    are more interested in how many contracts per day then can get than they are
    in the customer's total overall security situation....)

    ........cynical mode..."off"......

    Home Security Metal Products
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  18. RH.Campbell

    RH.Campbell Guest

    Yes, I agree, I standardized on the DG75 several years ago, and have never
    had a problem.....

  19. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest


    You also sell a "fair number" of Visonic PowerMax, but know *nothing* about the
    panel's capabilities, options, or programming. What a maroon!!!
  20. petem

    petem Guest

    Well your costumer must not be using the digiplex as the one that i have...

    i have many client with strange problem..first the digiplex 96 zone version
    1.30 have a bug ..when someone try to arm partition 2 at areader by flashing
    there tag twice and that the partion is not ready it will arm partition 7
    even if not ready eaven if the user doesnt have access to partition 7 and
    the panel will report a random user (with or without access to the
    partition,with or without code in there spot(just access card number and
    access level) an arming at a keypad...

    door that wont unlock at the normal hour (even if a user did flash its card
    after the beginning of the unlock period..)

    and many other stuff.. i like them...but they are in no mean perfect..

    i even have friend working there and poeple that i worked with...

    (i live in montreal wich is very close to st-eustache where the factory and
    head office is located)

    one other thing if a costumer use The NEware software always connected to
    the panel (by the serial port....not by modem)

    it will cause some starnge problem with the panel...some section will revert
    to the default..programing..and many other stuff..
    like i disabled the door forced transmission on all interrior door of a
    client..its always reverting back to enable after a few week..
    nothing very grave..but its getting on the client nerve a lot...

    and one other sweet bug..when the client use the automatic update of NEware
    it will sometime cuase the whole panel to default execpt the monitoring
    central information and the installer/downloading code and the user code..

    pretty fun to reprogram...

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