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Paper Jam - HP Laser Jet series II, Apple LaserWriter II NT

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Beloved Leader, Apr 14, 2007.

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  1. HP Laser Jet series II; Apple LaserWriter II NT

    I have one of each. These are getting up in years; the HP has slots
    for the additional font cartridges. I think they are PostScript
    printers. They use the HP 92295A toner cartridge.

    Both have the same problem - paper jam. The paper will be pulled out
    of the tray for a few inches, and then the machines stop. The city
    will be having its special pickup soon, and before I stick one or both
    out for that, or before I Freecycle one, is there a quick fix for
    this? If it's an "everyone knows that one" as opposed to a "could be a
    lot of things" problem, I don't mind attempting a repair. I have other
    laser printers, so it's not mandatory that I get these running. I
    don't have the service manuals for these.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi!

    I would look at the pick roller...that is the somewhat large rubber roller
    hanging down above the cavity for the paper tray. You can see it with a

    It's cheap and not all that hard to replace.

    The LaserWriter will be a PostScript printer. The LaserJet is a PCL printer,
    unless someone added a "Postscript personality" module to it. I've seen them
    for the LJIII at least.

  3. PeterD

    PeterD Guest

    Clean the rollers with solvent such as Acetone... May help. Do this in
    an an open environment! (Use commercial solvent, not fingernail polish
    remover which has oil in it.)
  4. <snip>

    See here:-

    HP LaserJet II/III Pickup Jam Repair Kit

  5. MrManuals

    MrManuals Guest

    You can get the service manual at
  6. [snip]

    Thanks to everyone who wrote. I'll take a look at them. I can make
    room by clearing out a few unused monitors or inkjet printers or
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