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Panasonic VCR PV-9400: cassette stuck

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by WHS MediaSpec, Aug 5, 2006.

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  1. Hello, the videocassette in a Panasonic VCR PV-9400 is stuck inside.
    What is the best way to get it out? My guess is that the tape is stuc
    on the mechanism. Thanks, WH
  2. Puckdropper

    Puckdropper Guest

    Take a look at for the answer to this question. I'm not
    affiliated, just read the answer there several years ago.

  3. That's interesting you put in a disclaimer, given that it's not
    some random site, but the FAQ for this newsgroup. That is the
    very first place people should be looking before they post here,
    since so many things can be answered in it. There is the VCR First
    Aid section, I forget the exact title, which is precisely about
    getting a stuck tape out of a machine.

    Sam has put a lot work into the FAQ, but it is a collective work.
    People who have posted here over the years have found some of
    their post(s) in the FAQ, properly credited. So it's hardly a
    commercial site that one should feel a need to insist that they
    are not promoting the site for personal gain.

  4. Jeff, WB8NHV

    Jeff, WB8NHV Guest

    I would go straight to that FAQ section rather than trying to get
    the tape out of the VCR by hit-or-miss tactics. I had a Panasonic VCR
    some years ago with VCR Plus+ that ate a cassette. (The machine was out
    of warranty by this time, of course.) I had to practically wreck the
    VCR to get the cassette out (I wish I had known about the VCR First Aid
    website then; if I had, I might still have that VCR today, in working
    order). The irony was that the machine ate a tape on which I had
    recorded a TV show just an hour or so earlier. Never even saw the tape
    once. (Ouch!)

    Jeff, WB8NHV
    Fairport Harbor, Ohio USA
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