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Panasonic TV won't turn on...

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by g will, Jun 10, 2005.

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  1. g will

    g will Guest

    Hi. I have a Panasonic 32", model #CT-32G31. TV was on, our house
    current went off and then back on in less then a second. TV doesn't
    come on now. Unplugged it for a bit and still nothing. When I plug it
    in, I hear what sounds like a relay coming on. Is there a fuse inside
    that could be blown causing this or do I need to take it to the repair
    shop? thanx, Greg
  2. Guest

    If the main fuse was blown you would not hear any sounds when you plug
    it in. There are lots of other components that, if faulty, could
    cause the TV to not come on. The only way to know is to have a tech
    open up the back and perform some basic troubleshooting. TAKE your
    television to a service shop for, at the very least, a repair cost
    estimate so you can make an intelligent repair decision with facts
    instead of guesses.
  3. g will

    g will Guest

    Thanx !
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