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Panasonic TV, random shutoffs with a lot of noise

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Jeremy P, Feb 15, 2007.

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  1. Jeremy P

    Jeremy P Guest

    I have a 32" Panasonic TV. Model# is CT-27D108 and the chassis number
    is AP338.

    Sometime ago, it developed several lines that would appear in that top
    quarter of the picture, that would gradually diminish then disappear
    after awhile.

    Now though, it randomly shuts off, then comes back on. Before it shuts
    off, and as it's about to come back on, you can hear several clicking/
    arcing noises - happening in quick succession.

    Even though I knew squat about tv repair, I do understand electornics
    so I took the back off and looked for any blown capacitors, blown
    fuses, or scorches on the board. There was none. I cleaned out the
    inside the best I could, then turned it back on - it ran for a bit,
    then it started happened all over again.

    At first it would shut off, then go back on within a minute or so, now
    it'll power down, stay down 30 mins or so, then power back on - and
    it's all random. Sometimes it works 8 hours straight, sometimes 8
    minutes. It seems more stable in the middle of the night - 1-4am or
    so, but I'm not sure if that have anything to do with it - looking for
    any ideas on the cause of this or how I can go about troubleshooting
    it further, thanks.
  2. Meat Plow

    Meat Plow Guest

    Need to find out where the arcing is if that's what you are really
    hearing. Or get lucky and have someone read your article that has fixed
    the same problem in the same TV. Oh and watch yourself around that set as
    there are potentially lethal voltages present even if the set is off and
    not plugged in. If I were working on the set I would try to get the
    humidity up in the room and look at the back of the set with the lights
    out and see if I could spot a corona somewhere that could lead to an arc.
    I would also check some fundamental voltages from the SMPS to see if they
    were all within tolerance while waiting for it to develope a fault.
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