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Panasonic TV Model CT-27G12CV Help Needed

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Dean Batute, May 13, 2004.

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  1. Dean Batute

    Dean Batute Guest

    Hello All.
    my sister dropped her TV off to me to look at for her. Initially she
    said the picture would shrink to a thin horizontal line (Loss of vertical)
    but giving it a HIT on top of the set would bring it back. This happened a
    few times over the last few weeks. NOW nothing! I took the back off, cleaned
    it up, poked around for loose contacts, wires, etc then powered it up. R552
    blew in the High voltage section. I can read Brown, Black, but the
    multiplier band is charred. Any chance someone can tell me the value of this
    resistor and perhaps give me some pointers as to what I should be looking
    for. I'm guessing some simple touching up of the solder joints should fix it
    but I'm suspicious of this blown resistor.

    Thanks a bunch to any and all who can give me a hand.

  2. Ricky Eck

    Ricky Eck Guest

    Well, thanks going out to Wizard, he helped me with my problem on this. My
    wife was doing the same thing, when the tuner wouldn't work. Well, guessing
    the constant pounding, caused the Vert to burn out. First about the
    Resistor. Mine was a 1 ohm (Brown, Black, Gold, Gold.). However, I would
    also check the Vert IC. I found mine to have a burn hole in it, that I
    first missed. But after Wizard's expertise, I was able to trace it down.
    Look through these post for the one marked "Cross Ref "?" Posted 5/8/2004 by
    myself" And read through the whole post, it will give you the info you need
    to get started.

    Hope this helps...
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