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panasonic tv, enter service menu?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by I v e k y, Dec 11, 2003.

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  1. I v e k y

    I v e k y Guest

    i found some hints on net which mention to go into setup and select 'cable'
    but there is no cable in it? :)
    i need to change 'trapez' just a bit... here is what is circulating around
    on net
    First, select the SET-UP icon and select CABLE mode.
    Then, select the TIMER icon and set the SLEEP timer for 30 minutes.
    Next, press the ACTION button twice to get out of the menus.
    Now, change to channel 124.
    Then, adjust the volume to minimum (0).
  2. Art

    Art Guest

    Be advised, if you flack the set as a result of playing with the service
    menu be sure to tell the servicer company that you eventually take the set
    to. That way the tech won't waste his time looking for a "normal" failure
    rather than something customer induced. Do not change any paremeters without
    first writing down the values, address, and page info. That way you may have
    a chance to reset it to the previous (factory) setting.
  3. I v e k y

    I v e k y Guest

    i still wait way how to enter into serviceman, and this words from you are
    welcome but also not needed cos i am not kid, and this is my x-th tv set,
    before 20 years i needed to open them to adjust picture, and lately
    (samsung, sony) i could adjust it without openig it :)
    do you know how to enter into serviceman on new panasonics for european
  4. Sofie

    Sofie Guest

    I v e k y:
    Heed the advice of Art's reply post to you.....
    .....You may not be a kid...... but I have seen intelligent adults screw up
    the service parameters so badly that anything short of a full factory
    alignment and possibly replacement EPROM chips would not make the set work
    properly again.
    Be very careful.
  5. I v e k y

    I v e k y Guest

    hey sofie, you wrote again 7 lines and repeated what was said many many
    times, but you haven't give rigt answer, if you don't know how to enter into
    it, there is no need to reply
    btw. with tv set i got german, french, italian, greek manual.... ONLY in
    italian manual there is 4 pages more then in others (they lack it) with
    explanations of settings in service menu, but there is no explanation how to
    enter into it :)
    for others: if you don't know right answer, i DON'T need again advice 'you
    can screw your settings', you waste your time writing such reply :)
  6. Art

    Art Guest

    Entry sequence is same internationally. while pressing the volume down
    button a chk logo should appear on the screen in upper left area. Now you
    may select an active channel or video source if you would like. Next press
    the Power button on the remote, not on the tele. This should bring you
    either to a full page of selections that you may access and adjust or you
    may just see a separate line of code, again in the upper left quadrant of
    the screen. The buttons on the remote may have multiple functions.<
    tried and many have failed. Personally, @ tis point I wold suggest having a
    professional have a go at the set and folow their suggestions. Cheers &
    Happy Hanukkah
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