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Panasonic PT-50LC13 shuts down

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by James Sweet, May 21, 2007.

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  1. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    A friend is asking me to look at this Panasonic PT-50LC13 TV he picked up, I
    believe it's a rear projection CRT. It was given to him as broken but he
    tried it out and it came on and looked great for about 5 minutes then shut
    down with the power light flashing. After cooling off it did that one more
    time, but now he says when the power button is pressed the light goes from
    red to green, then flashes yellow until power is disconnected. I'm thinking
    cracked solder joints but I was curious if this series has any known defects
    I should look for so I can come prepared. I've worked on a lot of TVs
    before, but projection sets almost always have a few surprises for me.
  2. Guest

    I've never worked on a panasonic projector, much less an LCD
    projector, and I have no access to schematics... but I'll assume for
    the sake of simplicity that the makeup of one projector to the next is
    pretty universal. Just fixed a Mitsubishi with similar issues - one
    of the switching regulators took a dump. Pretty common issue from my
    understanding. I'd look on the power supply board, yank the reg, and
    test it.
  3. Art

    Art Guest

    Two specific things can cause this unit to shut down, a defective ballast
    and/or lamp. The flashing led on front of the set indicates an error code.
    Contacting wither Panasonic Directly, or an authorized service facility, may
    avail you a more through diagnostics dependent on the error code. Btw, the
    lamp can be bought via many of the suppliers. the ballast needs
    authorization from Panasonic.
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