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Panasonic Ni-Cd rechargeable battery life time and charging topology circuit

Discussion in 'General Electronics Discussion' started by Hasan2019, Mar 15, 2021.

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  1. Hasan2019


    Sep 11, 2019
    Hi There,
    I got a part of vacuam cleaner machine driven by DC charger. May be it was manufactured in 2018.
    User might through it away because it was troubling.

    9 pcs of P-130SCS 1.2V 1300mAh has joined togeter to get 1.2×9 Vdc.

    Basically it was using for drive a 9 v DC motor. Manufacturer recommended to plug it with 9V/300mA charger for use it 8 hrs, may be charging time was for 15 mins.

    1. Does it risky to use this battery after a long time?
    2.It may damaged?
    3. How can I charge it with another way?
    4. Take a look the charging and discharing circuit and battery bundle.
  2. ratstar


    Aug 20, 2018
    Elon Musk has the same problem, he wants to make an electrical aircraft, run on batteries, and he just needs too many of a crud battery where there is probably way better stuff out there, but it never sees the light of day, and I always wonder why.

    Why dont you run it off a magnet whirly gig, then u dont have to have batteries no more.
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  3. Hasan2019


    Sep 11, 2019
    Dear Sir Ratstar,
    Electrical aircraft is my dream project, but right at the moment I leave that country where it might be possible to carry research.

    Now looking at my battery pack, some people said it may be damage because of reverse polarity while lower capacity one is staying on loop. So suggestions are
    1. Remove all from pack and test individually, some might be ok or some are not.

    2. Charge the whole battery pack with a suitable chager 9v/130mA is best matched.

    My intention is to use those rechargeable battery for emergency light or fan.

    I have 3 chargers , let me know which one is best . Some has lost their stability.

    1. 9 v /800mA ( witten as 6v/300mA
    2. 10 v/ 880mA( written as 7.5V/300mA)
    3. 12 v/900mA.

    I also have a 1.2 v Li-MH charger.

    Could you calculate and suggest better one. Cant I use 7809 ic to use 2 no option?
  4. ColKlonk


    Dec 22, 2020
    Ni-Cads have 'memory' (crystalisation)that reduces its power delivery over time, even though they're fully charged - just replace the pack.

    Some people say they've managed to recharge them by burning the crystalisation away with shorting the battery, then recharging.
    But be carefull with this as shorting a battery is not a recommended practise.

    Ni-Cads are usefull for their 'power density' in being able to deliver more power without exploding.

    Other batteries used in experimental aircraft and Tesla cars are (were) Lithium types. there are a few technologies, all having high power density, but the danger with lithium is it's runaway thermal effect - burns easily once a threshold is passed.

    My sister in-laws house burn't down with one of these 'fancy' UPS wall units. They couldn't put the fire out - I warned them.
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  5. Hasan2019


    Sep 11, 2019
    Good suggestion indeed, offcourse knowledge based.

    But all battery may not be damaged.
    Don't you think 1.2v/550mA wont work to charge a single one?

    Take a look this simple circuit to limiting current Rx value can change the output current. Input range should be 6.8~10vdc.

    Screenshot_20210317-103403_Chrome (2).png
  6. ratstar


    Aug 20, 2018
    Yeh that looks like a battery protection system with the diode and the capacitor there, im not sure if itll work, but maybe your being a bit paranoid, u have to use something to power it.

    If I need 90 volts, i wouldnt mind stringing up 10 9v for it, then ill see what the problems are after. ive still got heaps of work in front of me to worry about, its the least of my problems IMO.
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