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Panasonic Microwave

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by DS, Apr 10, 2004.

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  1. DS

    DS Guest

    Went to nuke something in our 12 year old Panasonic convection microwave and it
    seems the device has given up the ghost. The broiler function still seems to work,
    as does the control panel, but whenever the magnetron is supposed to kick in it
    just makes a loud buzzing or humming sound and no heat is induced into the food
    that I want heated. Even a glass of water remains cold. If I set it to medium
    (approximately 50/50 duty cycle), when the cycle starts, loud buzzing, when the
    cycle is off, makes the regular hum.. all the same, no heat.

    Model: NN-6952
    Description: Microwave w/broiler & "genius function"
    Wattage (microwave output): 900W
    Year of manufacture: 1992

    So the question: is it worth taking it to a repair shop to get fixed, or should I
    just go get a new one? Any guesses as to whats wrong?

  2. bad magnetron or hv diode get it checked by a service center diodes ore
    cheap abut the magnetron is more money
  3. DS

    DS Guest

    I'm thinking that it is probably the HV diode that has failed (after reading up on
    it on other websites).. At this point I dont have the time to dismantle it to test
    it, but how would I go about getting a new one? Do I need to replace it with an
    identical part number from Panasonic or would a "generic microwave HV diode" work?

  4. Probably not, generic replacements are available. But how are you so sure
    it is the diode? Or is it just that if it's anything else, not worth it? :)
    A shorted magnetron could result in identical symptoms.

    See the Microwave Oven Repair Guide at the site below, especially the
    SAFETY info.

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    contact me, please use the feedback form on the S.E.R FAQ Web sites.
  5. DS

    DS Guest

    Hi Sam,
    A diode I figure to be about $10-20 to fix.. a magnetron isn't worth it. I found
    on a panasonic repair page that for a similar model if it makes a loud hum with no
    heat but other functions work, in conjunction with a fried electronic smell, it is
    most likely a diode.. so here's hoping :)

    In the meantime we just bought a new Panasonic unit with "inverter technology".
    Once exams are done I'll try repairing the old one.. if I can get it working I'll
    take it with when I move out sometime down the road :)

    Thanks for the help
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