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Panasonic Microwave Problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Robert11, Mar 29, 2006.

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  1. Robert11

    Robert11 Guest


    Have a Panasonic Microwave purchased in '98.

    Model is MMN-S768.

    Lately, it won't heat anymore, usually, and what I guess is a
    code appears on the display: "H98"

    About 25 % of the time, though, it does work.

    Any idea what this code signifies ?

    What's a typical lifetime for something like this ?

    Any thoughts would be most appreciated.

  2. Guest

    Everything is possible, but the first thing I would guess is a fault in
    the control circuitry, but can't say where there.. :-| But the first
    thing I would suspect are electrolytic capacitors. If u have an
    ESR-meter, measure the ESR's of those el.caps.
    Hmm...I've found Panasonic pretty high quality microwave.. As although
    the quality has decreased a lot on most electronic devices within the
    past 15 years, my friend has an about 5 years old Panasonic microwave
    with no problems, and that seems to be pretty durable microwave. And I
    have a Panasonic microwave too, made in the 80's, I got it a few years
    ago freely, as broken. I repaired it, there were just a shorted
    resonance capacitor and a blown main fuse due to it. It also seems to
    be very durable and high-quality device. So I would think that yours is
    worth repairing.
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