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Panasonic LED Dot Matrix Display

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Andrew M, Dec 6, 2004.

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  1. Andrew M

    Andrew M Guest

    Hi all,
    Does anyone have a datasheet for a :-
    Panasonic LNP175011 LED Display Panel ?

    Its a 32 by 16 dot matrix display of 5mm tri-color LEDs. Used in scrolling
    LED signs etc.

    On the PCB are 2x 32-bit shift registers, 2x 3to8 decoders, a timing IC, and
    lots of transistors for driving the rows and columns. There are adjustments
    for (presumably) red and green brightness.
    I think the shift registers drive 32 red columns and 32 green columns, then
    I guess the decoders select the row. Not sure about the timing though.
    Data gets in via a small IDC connector, and further displays can be
    daisy-chain connected (Each board has an IN and an OUT connector, plus

    The only data sheet I can find on the web is a 1 page description of power
    supply details (5v) and dimensions. No data format, pinout, timing spec
    etc. Can anyone else shed more light on it?

    Many Thanks,
  2. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Look up the datasheets for the devices used. Data rate is not fixed, you can
    send it as fast as the shift registers can accept it. The multiplexing
    control is done in software in the microcontroller driving the display
  3. Andrew M

    Andrew M Guest

    Yeah, thats how I got where I am. What's with the timing IC (think it's a
    74series dual monostable multivibrator IIRC, don't have the board with me.)
    What about pinouts and row selection?

    Can't take a board apart very easily to trace it, as there's 512 3wire LEDs
    soldered to the other side.

    I know my microcontroller (not sure which yet) will have to pump out the
    data to do 1/16 multiplexing. Shouldn't be too difficult.

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