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Panasonic KX-TC1210ALS Cordless Phone - Dead Handset

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Dave, Feb 17, 2004.

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  1. Dave

    Dave Guest

    The handset is completely dead. Battery is OK and charges OK. I've cleaned
    the buttons but no change. Phone appears to have volts on various points
    but I haven't got any circuit info.

    Any clues?

  2. Is that one of the models with a randomly chosen code to talk to the
    base? If the code gets out of whack the phone appears dead. You have
    to place it in the cradle for 15 seconds, remove it and try again, it
    can take a couple of goes.

    Also try taking the phone out of the cradle whilst the phone is
    ringing. That way you shouldn't have to press any buttons.

    Well thats a couple of ideas.

  3. Dave

    Dave Guest

    I've also got one of those phones that does that. But, it lights up and
    eventually beeps when the code is scrambled.

    This dead phone shows absolutely no sign of life. Think it's supposed to
    display time and CND on the handset but it does absoulutely zilch no matter
    what I do.

  4. #HISH

    #HISH Guest

    This is (I believe) a common problem in panasonic's.
    Its caused by the failure of the filter capacitors in the PS which gives a
    noisy supply and prevents the auto programming of the code.
    I cant remember the specific cap but if you search the net you should be
    able to track it down.
  5. Hi,

    The fault you are talking will not stop handset from turning on. It will
    only prevet it communicating with base.

    I would very strongly suspect battery. If you have a power supply, use it
    instead of battery. Also, closely examine the PCB -- people drop phones and
    it may have a tiny crack. Usualy cracks appear near mounting holes.

  6. #HISH

    #HISH Guest

    I see the problem. I neglected to read the first post -Right you are
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