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Panasonic DVD #SA-HT75

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Oct 13, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    I replaced the spindle motor in this since it wasn't working, and it
    still doesn't work. Does anyone have experience with this particular
    model, such as expected motor voltage, or a driver circuit that I
    should check? I don't have the schematic, this is why I am asking for
    help. Thanks group.
  2. Guest

    What do you mean it wasn't working?
    The spindle motor did not run at all?
    Or the DVD player wasn't working and you guessed it was the spindle

    Did you precision adjust the platter height if you just replaced the
    Did you perform the laser auto adjustments per the service manual?
  3. Guest

    What troubleshooting did you FIRST perform in order to diagnose that
    the spindle motor was faulty?? When you replaced the motor did you
    align the hub to the proper and critical height??
    In most DVD and CD players, if the laser does not focus for a variety
    of faults, then the spindle motor will receive voltage and not turn, so
    don't expect any spindle motor motion until you verify that the laser
    is emitting and focus lock is achieved and verified.
    You may want to go to the website for this newsgroup at
    there, with some searching, you will find a wealth of troubleshooting
    tips, repair proceedures, component testing methods and important
    safety information.
  4. Guest

  5. Guest

    The player was displaying "disk error". Figuring the disk had to spin
    to be read, and wasn't, assumed a bad motor. I haven't aligned the hub
    yet, because I thought the laser had to be reading a disk to be aligned
    (feedback while aligning). The laser is emitting, but I was, and am
    unfamiliar with focus and lock. I will check out the suggested
    newsgroup for info that I am obviously in big need of. The cost of
    replacing the motor is of no big deal to me, since I do this as a
    hobby, and realize I will make these kind of mistakes along the way.
    I'm not verify familiar with DVD repair or operation, which is why I
    was unaware of the above focus, lock, etc. You mentioned the motor will
    receive a voltage to prevent coming on? Do you know what the normal
    operating voltage/and shut down voltage should be? I'll post
    results/more questions as I get them. I do appreciate the reply and
    info. Thanks to all.
  6. Guest

    I have read some good info on the start up operation/focus. I'm almost
    positive I replaced the motor for nothing. Now, assuming I have a focus
    problem, I don't know how it was out of focus in the first place. This
    may be the original fault. Is it unheard of to have to perform focus
    adjustment with no prior invasion of the player, or misuse? I was given
    the code to access the built in anti jitter software. I will attempt to
    do this today. Be back soon. Thanks again.
  7. sofie

    sofie Guest

    YES... obviously.... of course things can break, become faulty and need
    repairing even "with no prior invasion of the player, or misuse"
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