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Panasonic DVD-S35 stops working suddenly

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Stan, Mar 22, 2007.

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  1. Stan

    Stan Guest


    In Oct. 2003 I bought a Panasonic DVD-S35 machine. It was working fine 'til
    last night when the first episode of a 2 episode DVD ended. As soon as the
    1st episode ended, the machine suddenly turned itself off. When I turned on
    the machine, it was on for ~ 2 seconds and then shut itself off. Same
    pattern over and over even when I was able to get the DVD out and try
    another DVD--> same problem: machine just turns itself off.

    Has anyone else has this same problem? If I open the case up and look
    around, is there anything not-so-complicated that I should inspect or test?
    I read a brief webpage report about some problem similar to this one and a
    guy said he fixed the same unit as mine by pushing on or fooling with the
    white spindle. Does the problem of my machine seem to be serious or
    something simply fixed by pushing on a spindle? If something else is
    indicated by the symptom, what's wrong?

  2. Stan

    Stan Guest

    I forgot to mention: drop one i to contact me.

  3. Stan

    Stan Guest

    I fixed it according to what a guy in another DVD repair forum told me to try.
    He told me this:

    "Sounds like the typical spindle motor problem. More than likely motor has
    developed an internal short & causing the immediate shut down--may even be
    the drive IC that controls it.

    If the motor, you just MAY be able to dislodge it by loading a disc & try
    rotating it by hand in both direction a few times (if you heard a clicking
    sound while doing so, the motor is definitley SHOT)

    & if unsuccessful, I can tell you that it is not worth replacing the motor ."

    With the cover off but laying over the top, I turned on the machine, put
    in a disc and the machine turned itself off. Then I unplugged the machine,
    and hand spun the disc in both directions. No clicking sounds- good!
    Plugged in machine, and tested it. It works! So I screw down the cover and
    have again a working DVD player. [I hope it remains a working one.]


    [To send me a message, drop 1 i from address.]
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