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Panasonic DVD-RV31

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Nov 25, 2006.

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    Hi.........I've got (4) of these units. One has a spindle motor that
    has stopped spinning. Yeah, I know, the RV31 is very likely to exhibit
    this issue sooner or later. I've got mine apart and was contemplating
    replacing the Optical pickup unit, with spindle motor on board. Why,
    right? I think it costs around $70 and, with prices for new units as
    they are--??? But, it's more than the money to me. And, it's not that
    I'm starting some crusade against Panasonic for selling these, and
    other, units with built-in crash. It's that I am an ex-GM service
    manager from the early 70's and, back then, we bench dismantled stuff.
    We just didn't throw things away when they stopped working. We fixed
    them. So, if anyone knows of another fix, prior to my contemplated R&R,
    please send me a note. I'd like to solve this issue inexpensively and
    let everyone know how to get this great unit back on line. Hey, this is
    still America and we make things happen.

    Take it easy, Rob
  2. If it's really the spindle motor, they can often be fixed. The fault is very
    often some carbon accumulated at the brushes, shorts out or opens up. There
    are usually little slits at the bottom of the motor. One uses an electronic
    cleaner - lubricant with a plastic extender, spray into the motor, aiming at
    the brushes, and rotate the motor. Use a compressor to blow out the excess.
    Might take several tries, or if the brushes are actually damaged, then it
    wouldn't really work at all, of course.

    One can use a small variable power supply to run the motor while spraying
    stuff in there. Be certain that you get the motor running in the correct
    direction, which would be clockwise as viewed from the top of the motor.
    This is because some motors are so CHEAP that the brush feeler barely
    extends beyond it's contact point. Running in reverse runs the risk that the
    end of the brush will catch on the commutator slits as it rotates, damaging
    the brush feeler.

    Mark Z.
  3. P.S.

    Best not to remove the motor from it's subchassis. The motor platter height
    is very critical.

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