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Panasonic AG-5700

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by VCR Gymnast, Apr 3, 2005.

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  1. VCR Gymnast

    VCR Gymnast Guest

    Hi All,

    I have an interesting situation: two AG-5700 VCRs with the identical
    problem--the tape will not get threaded. The cassette gets ejected a
    second or two after it gets seated. I think this is a timing problem,
    possibly because the gearing is off by a tooth or two.

    I know that the cassette basket needs to be "spring-loaded" and I have
    adjusted it several times. Although it looks right, the problem
    persists. I have seen the markings on the gear that interacts with the
    mode switch, but I must still be doing something wrong in getting the
    proper alignment to get the timing right.

    Here is my question: is there something I can try before sending these
    out for service? If so, I sure would appreciate your suggestions.
  2. VCR Gymnast

    VCR Gymnast Guest

    Just to clarify, these are Panasonic AG-5700 S-VHS Portable Industrial
  3. none

    none Guest

    If I recall these models were slave decks for the AG editing system
    and for industrial playback etc...( I had the AG 1950 and 1960's in my
    video service back in the late 80's and I'm thinking that I had the
    5700's as slaves for them.)
    If you want to use these for any serious/heavy use you'd do better to
    have a Panasonic industrial repair shop have a go at them.( I DO NOT
    recommend taking them to a regular consumer repair facility unless you
    know for sure that the tech's there are able to work on
    broadcast/industrial equipment.)
    You might try asking over at first. Someone
    there might be able to help you out.(Many of us on that group still
    have some of the high end 1/2 inch stuff and service them ourselves.
    I'd tossed my books on most of the Panasonic stuff I had. Just have a
    repair manual for the AG7400's that I still use from time to time.)
  4. VCR Gymnast

    VCR Gymnast Guest

    I decided to have another go at it and, not having the service manual,
    I made some educated guesses to re-align the gears by eye in both
    machines. Well, guess what....they both work PERFECTLY now!! Case
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