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Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Drago, Sep 29, 2005.

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  1. Drago

    Drago Guest

    I have a DVD player in Standard PAL D with four outputs:
    1. Video (3 connectors RCA: 1 for the video, 1 for the audio L and
    for the audio R)
    2. S-Video (circular connector)
    3. Y, Cb, Cr (3 connectors RCA)
    4. Y, Pb, Pr (3 connectors RCA)

    Instead, I have a TV in Standard PAL B/G with a SCART. From the menu o
    the TV, I can configure income the AV in video composite or RGB.

    I connect the DVD to the TV and see only black / white.

    Someone knows how I can resolve this problem
  2. Dave

    Dave Guest

    Which connectors did you use, (the 3 RCAs are the easiest to prove) ?

    Are the cables OK?

    Is the TV switched to PAL and not NTSC?

  3. You must have used some adaptor to feed into the SCART.

    Since you don't have RGB from the DVD - or an S-Video SCART - you're
    limited to the composite input on the SCART.

    But it's odd to have a 'PAL' DVD without a SCART.
  4. Dave

    Dave Guest

    It's not actually, most of the DVD players I've seen in Australia don't
    use them. Most TVs down here don't bother with them either.

    SCART, (or Euroconnectors), are mainly a, wait for it, .....european
    thing ;)

  5. b

    b Guest

    use the rgb cables NOT composite.
  6. Yehbut the OP said he has a TV with a SCART connector.
  7. b

    b Guest

    .....then a lead with a scart connector on one end (for the tv) and the
    3 rgb leads on the other (for the player) ought to do the job.
  8. Dave

    Dave Guest

    Yehbut the OP said he has a TV with a SCART connector.[/QUOTE]

    I also had a TV with a SCART, cheap chinese thing (just died after 12
    years - new chinese thing only has 2 sets of RCA inputs and 1 SVideo),
    it's the only TV over the years that I have noticed a SCART on, (here in

    Wish the OP had said where he was, PAL B/G TV - could be Australia, PAL
    D DVD - could be Scandinavia (IIRC).

  9. But the DVD doesn't have an RGB output, but component? ;-)
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