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Pads Layout Gerbers / NC Drill

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Jun 7, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    Has anyone used Pads layout to produce gerber files before? I've got
    it to the stage where most of the layers in my design are looking
    good when imported into GC Prevue. But i can't get the NC Drill layer
    to come out to scale. For the other layers i had to go into advanced
    options and select metric over english. But the NC drill layer is
    always out of scale, if i select english it comes out too small and if
    i select metric it comes out far too big. Any ideas anyone?

    I'm bound to just be missing a setting but i can't find it.


  2. Guest

    You have to find where you set the number of digits. You'll see
    something like 2.3 for example, which means the drill tape will have
    two digits before the decimal point and three after. If your gerber
    viewer is looking for 3.2 it will interpret 02.500 as 025.00 for
    example making your drill tape 10 times too big.
  3. Guest

    Thanks for the reply, however i'm still confused. Other NC drill
    layers (created by other people) i import seem to have this
    information embedded in the file and GC Prevue happily displays it to
    scale. The NC drill layer i produce never seems to have the settings
    right (i have 3 leading and 5 trailing). Even when i manually
    configure GC Prevue to have the 3 and 5 it doesn't come out right. It
    does also ask for another setting - Embedded drill table units - which
    i don't know what i should set it to. Any ideas?

  4. Guest

    Actually i've just found a setting which has solved things - in the
    device setup for the drill i choose EIA-244 instead of ASCII and the
    layer imported to scale.


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