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PADS, jumper problem

Discussion in 'CAD' started by mili, May 13, 2006.

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  1. mili

    mili Guest

    I route single sided board and I cannot use jumpers? When I'am trying
    to put a jumper on track a message appears "Can't add jumper". When
    I'am trying to put a jumper while routing nothing is happend, my comand
    (Ctrl + Alt + J) is quite ignored?? What is wrong??
  2. mili,
    Do you have the jumper feature in the modules you are running? Do you
    have a secondary module that may be required for the module containing
    jumpers ot work? PADs is riddled with requirements for different
    mosules/functions/features to function. I don't have the answer but know
    from my past experience that you used to need about 3
    expansion/advanced/feature modules before the jumper feature would work.
  3. Can't you add a resistor with a value of 0 ohms?
  4. mili

    mili Guest

    martin.shoebridge je napisao/la:
    Yes I can. But that resistor must bi put in the scheme then. That will
    be very confused. It doesn't matter any more. Thanks anyway.
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