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Pacific Semiconductor

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by moby, Mar 12, 2007.

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  1. moby

    moby Guest

    It's sad to see yet another previously valuable component supplier
    price themselves out of the global market by hostile shipping
    policies. Prior to August last year, it was possible to buy a handful
    of parts off them and be charged around $10 shipping to far flung
    corners of the globe (Canada Post "small packet" airmail rates). Now
    they insist on EMS shipping
    at "$25 up" which, in the case of a 4 ounce packet to New Zealand,
    amounts to USD$35 shipping !. No amount of wittering on about
    trackability, proof of delivery and insurance can convince me that
    this is a good thing. Any other suppliers of obscure bits who don't
    rort the shipping ?.
  2. We have a small ebay shop and insist on Registered Post for overseas stuff,
    regardless of the value or size, except for very heavy items where uninsured
    Standard Surface Parcel is the only way to go.

    It isn't just the trackability and insurance, it's the hassle when the guy who
    spent £5 plus a couple of quid on postage, says it didn't turn up.

    Apart from a rare few who complain about the postage (which includes a new jiffy
    bag, labels, trudging to the Post Office etc etc) most accept that it is a fair
    way to do it and pay up.

    I should add that we don't have aflat rate charge, we try and adjust postage to
    suit the article weight.

  3. Tried the Aussies?
  4. Try
    very helpful, enormous range of stuff.

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