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Oz Electronics Doco Update

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by David L. Jones, Dec 14, 2010.

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  1. Karl has posted an update on the Sate of Electronics doco:

    Quote about the people who have been interviewed:

    "So far I have interviewed a large list of people both in Sydney and
    Melbourne. Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Gary Johnston
    (Jaycar/Electus Distribution), Matthew Connell (Chief Curator the
    Powerhouse Museum Sydney), Ian Debenham (former Curator the Powerhouse
    Museum Sydney), Campbell Bickerstaff (Curator the Powerhouse Museum
    Sydney), David Demant (Senior Curator Museum Victoria), Ian oToole
    (Curator Kurrojong Radio Museum), Stephen Jones(VJ, Computer Historian &
    Author), Clare Gervasoni (Curator University of Ballarat) and Graeme
    Hood (Electronics Engineer Lecturer University of Ballarat). This list
    is by no means complete and is in addition to the following previously
    interviewed subjects: Dick Smith, Andrew Greatbatch, Peter Atanackovic,
    Bill Petrski, Owen Hill, Eugene Ruffolo, Andrew Griffiths, Matthew
    Pryor, David L Jones, Leo Simpson, Doug Ford, Andy Gelme, Jon Oxer,
    Grant Petty and Chris Nicol. In addition to that, I have filmed
    Australia’s first Computer CSIRAC, the Kurronjong Radio Museum
    collection, Silanna Semiconductor’s cleanroom and Fab plant, Blackmagic
    Designs factory, Observant’s assembly area, Hanna Print’s “Silicon Chip”
    printing line, and many, many individual labs and workspaces. It’s
    certainly been incredibly interesting to me and I think will be
    interesting to quite a wide variety of people when the documentary
    series is complete."
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