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outside cameras

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by alrmguy, Jan 13, 2004.

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  1. alrmguy

    alrmguy Guest

    I have need for some outside cameras. Some several hundred feet from the
    house. Many years ago I used coax for this app. Is this still the best way
    or would something like fiber be in the same ball park price wise. With
    fiber I wouldn't have the lightening worries. or maybe twisted pair.
    Maybe someone with current experience with this type of app could give me a
    clue. Obviously want to keep the price down but am worried about lightening
    up on a rocky hill. With y'all expertise any recommendations?
    If coax is still the way to go would you ground at camera and at house or
    just at house?
  2. Aegis

    Aegis Guest

    If you go fiber, you still need a copper connection to power the camera
    (unless you remote locate the power supply, but then you have a 120VAC
    connection going somewhere too).

    Considering this from only the lightning perspective, yeah, fiber would be
    the way to go.. Crystal clear picture too... BUT, do you know how to prep
    and terminate fiber?
  3. rory

    rory Guest

    fiber is expensive, but the best.

    twisted pair would do 3000 feet, but youd need a transceiver and
    receiver which also will cost a bit.

    coax should be fine, you can use RG62 cable to do more than a couple
    thousand feet. RG6 should do like 1800 feet, RG59, 1000 feet easy.

    yes, for most apps, coax is still the way to go.
  4. alrmguy

    alrmguy Guest

    thanks for the input
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