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Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by marketing, Jul 4, 2007.

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  1. marketing

    marketing Guest

    Our company provides solutions for GPS tracking devices for vehicles
    and other telemetry devices based on radio, GSM, and satellite
    Experience in building GSM based GPS tracking devices since 1999, we
    are committed to make a better, robust, and easy to use devices, while
    expanding the use of technology for broad ranges of use.
    You can access various information about vehicle tracking, vehicle
    tracking system, vehicle tracking device, vehicle tracking product,
    fleet management, Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL), GPS system, GPS
    data logger, GSM/SMS/GPRS Tracking.

    Elda Sarana Informatika.Ltd (ESI) is established back at year 2000,
    specifically to fullfill demands on vehicle tracking systems.
    Supported by electronics and information system professionals, the
    company developed certain ability in information technology, system
    integration, embedded system, M2M (machine to machine) integration,
    decision support system, GPS/GIS based application.
    ESI is founded with commitment to assist many parties in solving
    technology problems in the information era and to prepare your
    institution for more efficient access to information.
    ESITrack is the vehicle tracking system specialist, trust us to
    control your fleet.
    It's easy track with ESI.


    ESITrack L360
    Low-cost GPS vehicle tracking. Suitable to record wherever your assets
    location with no cost at all. The data can be downloaded to computer
    for records and for further analysis.
    ESITrack H350
    Low cost GPRS/SMS/GPS based tracking device. Available with voice
    communication capability.
    ESITrack H360, Vehicle Tracking Plus
    Advance vehicle tracking device, with all function of H350 plus 60.000
    RMC data logger.
    Our Napax Tracking Software provide user interface to our broad range
    of hardware product, with simple to use and extensible software.

    PT. Elda Sarana Informatika
    Jl. Batik Jonas 15
    Bandung 40123
    Phone: +62-22-2515051
    Fax: +62-22-2515052


    Or you can buy our products online at
  2. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest

    You were sired by your mother's pimp.

    ...Jim Thompson
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