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OTA broadcasts being phased out?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by klem kedidelhopper, May 20, 2013.

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  1. I have heard from sources, (perhaps not reliable ones) that there has
    been talk of phasing out OTA broadcasts in the United States.
    Switching just about everything to UHF and making all our tuners
    useless was bad enough but this would be the ultimate slap. Has anyone
    heard anything to this effect? Lenny
  2. Guest

    Actually it is. that is almost a joke, but ALMOST.

    Many years ago "JS" was the ringleader of an outfit called Radio Solidartity in Poland right around the time all that was going on. He wound up doing seven months in the can over it, but was never actually convicted.

    We worked together years ago and had mutual respect. He is a smart cookie but his enamouration (enamouredness ?) with Britney Spears made me choke. Well, he was still young enough I guess.......

    He built the transitter and he and his buddies would go up on a hill and erect an antenna made from vacuum cleaner wand sections. A portable cassette player was all that was needed then, along with the batteries of course.

    They didn't have much cable there at the time and most people used antennasto get TV on just like we used to for the most part. JS and crew picked the sound carrier (of the intercarrier) frequency of the station at the maximum primetime of viewership. In the evening, the most popular shows. They overrode the audio carrier.

    He was on the svelte side and said he was the fastest runner in the group. He also had built the transmitter and told me if they ever caught him with it he would be in jail for a LOOOOOONG time, but only did seven months intermittently under suspicion. His partners would usually bring cars and escape with the antenna and batteries. None of them got busted because vacuum cleaner wands and batteries were not illegal in Poland at the time.

    When I worked with him he showed me a Polish magazine with his brother standing there with the transmitter, after the regime had changed and he was nolonger likely to get busted for it. I could see the family resemblance.

    Because of the suspicions against him he had trouble starting a company there, which impelled him and his olady to move to the US. Too much red tape. I think he came to the wrong place if he doesn't like red tape.

    His brother was also in the electronics field and started a company for carlots. Alot of people were scamming the car lots by swapping cars with someone across town. the repossesors could not find the cars. The company wouldput a GPS tracking unit into the cars so they could be found.

    I'm not sure why, but his brother also emigrated here, even though he said the US was not quite what it was cracked up to be.

    If you find references to this whole affair online you will find them to differ slightly from my account of it, it is up to you what you believe.
  3. Guest

    Oh the relevance ? With digital TV you can't do that. THEY have control. you might be able to scramble their transmission but you are not going to get the recievers to pick up your audio or anything else because it is digital.

    OK maybe some of you can, but less can now than in the analog days.

    That was the goal of the "conspiracy" commmonly referred to as "government"
  4. Wond

    Wond Guest

    You can see it happening...all the interesting and entertaining
    programming is being sequestered to the cable=only stations. Then,
    they'll plead that nobody watches OTA.
  5. Guest

    I've seen some articles on it. There are several pieces of
    information that explain the rumors.

    1. The old distribution model for TV programming is seriously broken.
    50 years ago OTA was the only way you got TV. And if you weren't in
    front of the TV when 'The Jackie Gleason Show' was broadcast, you
    wouldn't have another chance to see it. Likewise, you probably
    watched the commercials. Between reruns, cable TV, VCRs, Satellite,
    DVRs, Internet, and DVDs, you may be able to watch your favite show
    without seeing a single commercial. And the commercials subsidized
    OTA broadcasts as well as production costs.

    2. Currently only 15% of TV viewers get TV OTA.

    3. Rupert Murdoch (News Corp) has reportedly talked of selling all
    FOX broadcast stations. Note that that would presumably push viewers
    to either cable (some owned by News Corp) or Dish (owned by News

    4. A number of the articles I have seen are from stock analysts and
    others who stand t benefit if they can anticipate the next big bubble.

  6. You can see it happening... all the interesting and entertaining
    I don';t think you understand how broadcast -- or cable -- television works.
  7. Per :
    Sounds like there is a significant cost diff between OTA and cable.

    The electric bill for running the antenna farm?
  8. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Dave Platt" >

    ** Megawatt TV stations must be very rare.

    A ( digital ) TV transmitter with a few thousand watts and a well sited high
    gain antenna covers a city of 5 to 10 million people and beyond. The
    electricity bill is trivial.

    OTOH - the cost of installing and maintaining a cable TV network serving 5
    million people is enormous.

    Broadcasting is unique and cannot be economically replaced by cable or

    .... Phil
  9. A (digital) TV transmitter with a few thousand watts and
    You're overlooking the fact that a cable system can provide 100 channels.
  10. N_Cook

    N_Cook Guest

    Only 10 of which are watched by any particular household
  11. Per Phil Allison:
    Seems like we are back to the question "What is the industry's motive
    for wanting to get rid of OTA?".
  12. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "William Sommerwanker Arsehole "

    ** Changes nothing I said.

    Digital broadcasting allows six TV channels for every analogue channel that
    existed previously - makes the max possible number of well over 100 using
    UHF and VHF.

    Each signal need only be a few kW and the same transmitter can supply three
    digital programs.

    This is true for the European and Australia DTV systems, the US system may
    not be quite so bountiful.

    BTW arsehole:

    Leave the fucking stupid "sic" shit out.

    .... Phil
  13. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    ** That is a false assertion.

    .... Phil
  14. Phoena

    Phoena Guest

    I understand how broadcast -- or cable -- television works. It's sole
    purpose is to sell advertising. I'm sure your familiar with that queer
    ass Geico gecko or Flo's fat ass. The television shows are just filler
    between commercials and it doesn't matter if they are any good, as long
    as the television channel sells advertising then they will remain on the
    air while they are profitable.

    Unless your a news channel like Commie News Network or Faux News then
    your purpose is to sell advertising while broadcasting propaganda as
    filler between commercials. Misinforming your gullible viewers. Like let
    them think that wogs flew planes into the world trade centers on 9/11
    when it was controlled demolition that brought down the towers.

    Then get the public mad at those ragheads and then get their approval of
    an expensive and lengthy war in the middle east. But don't tell them
    that the ragheads really don't really want to start a war with the US
    but it's really Israel wants the U.S. to terrorize the ragheads because
    of all the kikes that control the U.S. government, banks and media.

    So I understand how broadcast -- or cable -- television works and that's
    why I don't own a TV or subscribe to cable television.

    I get my news from real news websites like PressTV.
  15. Per Phoena:
    Charlie Rose interviewed a guy named Shane Smith who is owner of a
    YouTube-based media company called "Vice" which seems tb headed for a
    dominant position in news coverage.

    His assertion was that something like 60% of people under a certain age
    (30 comes to mind, but I'm not positive) do not even own a TV.
  16. Guest

    That may be accurate, but misleading. Assuming the age given was 30,
    60% of people in that group are under 17. While most of the people
    under age 17 have access to a TV, most of them don't OWN it.

    It's a little like saying 75% of the people under 25 have never worn a
    bra. True, but not indicitive of a paradigm shift.

  17. josephkk

    josephkk Guest

  18. josephkk

    josephkk Guest

    If that many. My primary use for TV is weekend morning cartoons, and not
    all that important to me. I think my time would be better spent watching
    my Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin DVDs. Well, i do have some
    "Avengers" and "The Prisoner" and other good stuff as well.

    Sports types may like the cable and sat packages, that is their thing

  20. Wond

    Wond Guest

    Locally, the main OTA company has been purchased by the huge cable
    provider. Since then, OTA service has deteriorated in several ways.
    It is OTA I want, being a cheap sort.
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