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OT? The latest bare-bones from Fry's, Windows-free

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Rich Grise, but drunk, Feb 4, 2006.

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  1. Here's a link:
    but yesterday's Fry's ad supplement in the noosepaper has it listed at

    But the thing that caught my eye was the very last item in the "Detailed
    Description": Operating System: Linspire 5.0 .

    Dood! I wish I had a couple hundred to plunk down on one of them puppies!

    Version: 3.1
    GAT(E P) dpu s: a++ [email protected] P+ L++>+ !E W+ N++ o? K? w-- !O !M !V PS+++
    PE Y+ PGP- t 5+++)-; X- R- tv+ b+ DI++++>+ D-? G e+$ h+ r-- z+
    ------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------
  2. puppies!

    It's junk, pure and simple, especially for $269.99. Go here:
    and purchase this stuff:

    $59.99 MSI 865GVM2-LS motherboard
    $69.99 Celeron 325D (2.53GHz) retail box
    $20.99 DIM-DDR400-256 (I'd get two and operate them as dual channel)
    $32.99 CDR-COM5232 (CD-RW/DVD Combo)
    $45.99 CS-Z583TB (Black Inwin micro-atx w/300W supply)
    $57.99 HD-MAX-6L08 (80GB/7200RPM/8MB cache)

    So for <$290.00 you can have something that actually has something to
    offer. The equipment I listed is FAR FAR FAR better than what you're
    gonna get at Fry's. DONT BUY COMPUTER STUFF FROM FRY'S
  3. Sounds good. I'd go another $7 and get a Sony 16x DVD+/-RW (burns CDs
    at 48x) rather than the obsolete CD-RW/DVD combo. Also for another $15
    or so (+$22 total), 50%-100% more HDD capacity (120G-160G) is worth

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
  5. Dan Major

    Dan Major Guest

    Got one for m Mom last year. Immediatly put WinXP on it. Added a CD
    writer I had laying around. All she does is play games and occasionally
    browse the internet. I put a couple pf other programs (Open Office and
    such) on so when the kids/grandkids are there we can do work.
  7. How much GB have you used on your C: drive, if I may ask?

    Even if you download 2GB per month... an 80GB drive lasts 3 years
    before it is filled. My C: drive on my internet PC holds only 17GB
    of collected rubbish, that's after three years usage.
  8. ~91GB as of now, but I have neither videos nor porn on it, and little

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
  9. Not bad, you must be a great collector of other interesting things
    then, but not interesting enough to make weekly backups ;) I make
    backups by copying files to my other PC, but that is ~3GB of stuff
    I would be really upset about if I lost it. And most of that stuff
    is kept on a bunch of CD's as well. I should find a backup provider,
    and store my stuff there.
  10. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Hello Frank,
    3GB isn't much these days. Many web site hosting companies provide lots
    of space that can be used for FTP and other stuff. Maybe not XS4ALL, I
    think they only have an "Eigen Server" option which is quite expensive.

    Frank, since you are in NL, a question: Is there a NG similar to this
    one in Dutch? My Dutch really begins to become rusty and it'll be gone
    some day if I don't hone it a little. There are a couple groups in
    German but I haven't found any in the .nl, .be or .za domains.

    The only "training materials" I have here is an Urbanus CD, somewhere.

    Regards, Joerg
  11. I have three domains hosted, but the space is 50MB per domain - not
    enough to use it as a backup storage. I see various offers, but I
    don't want to pay 15 euro's a month for just a couple of GB space.
    Should my house burn down this night, I'd be more than happy to
    pay 15 euro to get all my data back ;)
    There's nl.hobby.electronica, but a better name would be
    as 90% is about tv repairs. Most of the time it's pretty boring.
    Try to get some CD's of Herman Finkers.
  12. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Boy! Does anybody remember when 40 MEGAbytes was a lot?

  14. What's a "C:" drive?

    [email protected]:~
    $ df
    Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
    /dev/hdb1 4192800 1856052 2336748 45% /
    /dev/hdb10 8000084 587780 7412304 8% /mnt/hdb10
    /dev/hdb11 8570376 685768 7884608 9% /pub
    /dev/hdb5 8369532 6505064 1864468 78% /D
    /dev/hdb7 497960 32840 465120 7% /mnt/hdb7
    /dev/hdb8 1999992 32840 1967152 2% /mnt/hdb8
    /dev/hdb9 8000084 4331364 3668720 55% /home
    /dev/hdd6 12000148 516196 11483952 5% /usr/local
    /dev/hdd9 24000336 2175932 21824404 10% /mnt/hdd9
    /dev/hdd10 24141888 5917824 18224064 25% /J
    //ops/Server 33654784 17761280 15893504 53% /Server

    Version: 3.1
    GAT(E P) dpu s: a++ [email protected] P+ L++>+ !E W+ N++ o? K? w-- !O !M !V PS+++
    PE Y+ PGP- t 5+++)-; X- R- tv+ b+ DI++++>+ D-? G e+$ h+ r-- z+
    ------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------
  15. I remember when a 5MB hard drive was $5000.00 and of course ram was
    about $100.00/K (that is K not M ;0)
  16. Rich Grise wrote:
    Like my first PC-AT clone in 1986 1 meg RAM, 10 MHz 286, mono monitor
    and Hercules graphics, 1.2MByte 5.25" floppy and NO hard drive for
    $2400 (gasp). First HD was a 20 meg Seagate for $300. wow.

    Right now I have a $90 300gig Maxtor drive un-opened waiting for the
    next upgrade machine.

  17. Wes Stewart

    Wes Stewart Guest

    On Sun, 05 Feb 2006 20:24:55 GMT, Rich Grise

    Before PCs on every desk I was using an HP9836 running HP Basic to
    control three relay racks full of HP-IB controlled equipment with the
    resident 64KB and one 250KB memory card inside.
  18. I can remember when the PC in the Software Lab had an external 10 MB drive
  19. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Hello Frank,
    Try 1and1, their web space is huge. Maybe a GB or so and the cost (in
    the US) is under $40 for 6 months.
    Thanks, I'll try (the other 10%). TV repair is boring these days, those
    things are often really junk.
    Got to try next time I am over there. I like the Twente accent, worked
    there for a couple months. Strange thing is, they did not understand us
    Zuid Limburgers too well. They also did not get many of the Urbanus
    jokes and were wondering why we were laughing so hard.

    As long as it's not too much song. That was the problem with the Urbanus
    CD a friend sent me, way too much song and IMHO he cannot sing. But his
    cabaret sketches are truly superb, especially the one about the Hells

    Regards, Joerg
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