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OT? Sears Craftsman Weed Whacker

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by NSM, Jun 2, 2005.

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  1. NSM

    NSM Guest

    Double Insulated? Does it have the symbol?

  2. Ken Weitzel

    Ken Weitzel Guest

    Hi Lou...

    Take this with a grain of salt... I'm old and long
    retired. :)

    Regardless, though I have no Craftsman electric yard
    stuff, I do have other makers, and they're all two plug - no

    I suspect what happened is that too many people bent or
    broke off the ground pin so they could use two wire
    extensions, so the manufacturers went to that double
    insulated plastic idea.

    In any case, don't even think of plugging it in while
    that white wire is exposed.

    Also, replace the cord; don't even think about taping up
    the current one.

    Take care.

  3. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    I've never seen an electric weed eater with a 3 prong plug, they're always
    double insulated. It's better that way since it's all too common for people
    to cut off the ground prong.
  4. spudnuty

    spudnuty Guest

    I have all electric lawn care stuff and never run it without my GFCI
    pigtail at the outlet.
  5. NSM

    NSM Guest

    99.9% it is double insulated. You MUST repair it back to that standard -
    replace any broken or cracked plastic parts etc. to ensure safety AND use it
    from a GFCI. Death is too high a price to pay for a weed free lawn.

  6. Lou

    Lou Guest


    Some one dropped of a Sears Craftsman Electric Weed Whacker - the electric
    cord was all taped up, a white wire sticking out of the handle near the
    trigger. It was pinched when the handle was attempted to be reassembled.

    I was told, this unit was "shocking" the owner when being used. I'm not much
    of a fan of "electric" weed whackers, therefore paid little attention to
    them. This model has a 2 prong plug on it, the cord - the basic appliance
    type cord of 15 Amp or so.

    Did any/all of these types of weed whackers use a 2 prong plug? Why not a
    3 - with a ground???? I'm wondering if this cord was replaced before being
    brought here. I haven't opened it up as yet - to take a look see. Was hoping
    to get some info on this thing before hand. There is no model number on it
    that I can see. The only label left on it, is "Craftsman".

    IF there is a Sears site or anywhere else I can go to get the wiring scheme
    on this, please let me know.


  7. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    All outdoor outlets should be connected to a GFCI already, but a pigtail
    with another one won't hurt.
  8. none

    none Guest

    No need to have a ground plug on an appliance that is double
    insulated, completely encased in plastic.
    Yes virtually all Sears weed-whackers and electric leaf blowers etc...
    that I've worked on were two prong.
    Sears does have a website where you can get schematics and parts.

    You will have to have a part # though.
    If the label is gone on the unit try reverse tracking the part. Take
    the case apart and get the part # off the plastic housing.
    Run that through the sears parts finder at the above link and it
    should tell you what model # it's for.
  9. Lou

    Lou Guest

    Except for where it says Craftsman, that is all I am able to read on it. All
    other labeling is shot.............

  10. Lou

    Lou Guest

    Oh believe me, that was not even a thought. My Momma didn't raise any fool.
    I don't mind repairing items regardless what they are and so far have been
    pretty good or lucky, but it just struck me off, this thing wasn't
    "grounded". Or at least by use of a 3 prong plug and cable.

    I'll check it out well before this sucker is plugged in. Now, to find a cord
    to fit it!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for info

  11. Lou

    Lou Guest


    Well, that answers my question. Guess I got to find a cord and wire it
    accordingly. Thanks!

  12. Lou

    Lou Guest


    That was what I was going to suggest with or without a 3 prong cord, once
    returned to them.....


  13. I guess you haven't met some avid gardeners then. :)

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  14. Lou

    Lou Guest

    I agree, any home with an outdoor access to electricity, should have a GFCI.
  15. Lou

    Lou Guest

    WOW, thanks for the website, I appreciate it. I'll go look at it. Getting in
    touch with the person who dropped this off, isn't easy. I'm going to ask if
    perhaps he has the manual yet, for a model number. If not, then I'll do my
    search the other way - maybe I'll start it anyway, just in case I can find
    it sooner than getting in touch with the party. As I said, I'm not and never
    was much of an "electrical" weed whacker or mower" fan due to not wanting to
    lug an extension cord around. I have repaired electrical items before and
    without problem. I do electronics repairs for a living. I just never paid
    any attention to the Electrical lawn items to see how they were wired since
    I didn't like them. I was just amazed they weren't "grounded" via a 3
    conductor cord. I understand the double insulated idea, but it just seemed
    to me - a step more would have been better. But that is why they are the
    designers and I'm not.

  16. Lou

    Lou Guest

    I have no argument with that! I had no intentions of doing it any other way.

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