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OT Ping Michael Black

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Anthony Fremont, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. Here's an OT thread just for you Michael.

    On at least three occaisions, you have followed up one of my posts with
    smart-ass reply. Each time, I responded to you, but you apparently ignored
    it and then went on to do it again. It stops here and now. If you want to
    challenge me, fine. But you will be expected to stand up like an adult and
    account for what you said. No more, hit-and-run trolls kid.

    You seem to think that my skills preclude me from even posting in SED. I'd
    like to know just how you came to that conclusion, since you also think I'm
    a newbie to the group. After going back and looking at your contributions
    over the last month or so, I find that you primarily run around playing
    net-kop by telling people to take their "inappropriate" questions to SEB.
    Apparently, you have appointed yourself lord and protector of SED. What I
    didn't see in looking at your posts was much technical material. If you're
    so qualified to decide what belongs where, then perhaps you could show us
    some of your past "design" work. If you aren't going to do that, then
    kindly STFU.

    I guess to make a long story short, I'm fed up with you and your petulant
    crap. If you want to debate, then debate me, stop running away. If you
    want to accuse me of being a troll or of being incapable of design, then I
    suggest you start backing that up with something more than your imagination.
    If you want to convince me that _you_ have a clue what you're talking about,
  2. Niemadre

    Niemadre Guest

    He's just a scared little monkey.

    Usenet lits score:
    #20 Usenet asshole
    #6 Lits Slut
    #11 Most posting trolls/hunters/flonkers 2007
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