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[OT] Is this a valid USPS tracking number?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Fred Bartoli, Mar 16, 2005.

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  1. Fred Bartoli

    Fred Bartoli Guest

    I've bought a binocular microscope on ebay, have not received it and I
    highly suspect that the seller tries to BS me.

    The USPS tracking # he provided, after having first said that USPS doesn't
    support TN, is said to have not been recorded by USPS.

    So, before reporting fraud to ebay and paypal, I'd like to know, from US
    residents, if this TN seems plausible:


    for shipping to France.

  2. Fred Bloggs

    Fred Bloggs Guest

    The FAQ says:
    Q. Which services provide tracking?
    A. Express Mail, Global Express Guaranteed® and Global Express Mail®
    (depending on destination country) provide tracking service at no
    additional cost.

    So if he didn't send by one of those methods, there will be no tracking.
  3. "Fred Bartoli"
    He has got a certificate of posting (for which this is a legitimate
    number), but USPS, do not provide tracking on this service. The USPS
    numbers for most of the services, are two letters describing the service,
    nine digits identifying the parcel, and then a couple more subsidiary
    characters at the end, with 'US' being common.
    USPS, only provides tracking on some services. It looks as though he did
    not select a service supporting tracking (hence the first answer), and was
    then probably told that the parcel number is the tracking number (on the
    services supporting tracking, it is). How long has it been?. Sometimes the
    mail can be very slow, especially if Customs and Excise get involved when
    it enters the EU.

    Best Wishes
  4. Fred Bloggs

    Fred Bloggs Guest

    The USPS cannot provide tracking as a standard service like every other
    professional transport service because that money goes to things like
    $200M publicity bonanzas, pricey civil service executive retreats and
    bonuses, which they consider to be far more important. The actual
    delivery performance is a relatively minor side consideration for these
    incredibly excellent and special people- another bunch of narcissistic
    rejects and trash.
  5. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest

    on ....

    Track & Confirm

    Current Status

    You entered CP 6645 3990 8US

    Tracking service has not been purchased for this item.

    So either the seller DID ship, but without tracking, or you're screwed

    ...Jim Thompson
  6. Guest

    Ebay sucks...I too had a bad experience. I think you should file a
    complaint with them to return your money back. If I am not wrong I
    think they do refund...These days I put a few more bucks and buy the
    stuff from amazon, they are awesome.
  7. Fred: I'm in a similar position, having bought a 2 GB CF card from an
    ebay vendor in New York called Eugene Buccellato, ebay User ID
    buzzlghtyrby (31345). I parted with 104 UKP (nearly 200 USD). That
    included 20 USD for air mail delivery ("4 to 8 business days") and

    Some 8 weeks later, no delivery, no refund. The seller says he filed a
    claim with the Post Office, after waiting the required 30 days. No
    attempt by him to send a replacement or make a refund (pending his
    receiving compensation from the Post Office).

    I placed it in hands of PayPal a week ago (and reported negative
    feedback). PayPal say they guarantee to investigate and aim to
    conclude in 30 days. Limit of 500 USD.

    With hindsight, wish I'd foregone the potential saving of about 60 USD
    and bought locally.
  8. Nigerian Scammers have cottoned on to Ebay now that the "Help me launder USD
    30 Million because I am soo stupid that I trust a person I never met" have
    dried up!

    (Which is a shame because I personally liked to take a little time to reply
    posing as some white thrash arsehole and then to post their "business" mail
    account details in the appropriate* and misc.invest.* hierachies to
    pit them against both themselves and a bunch of persistent robo-mailers and
    virus-bots. For Phun).
  9. I read in that Frithiof Andreas Jensen <frithiof.
    [email protected]> wrote (in <d1bn9q$3m4$>) about '[OT] Is this a valid USPS tracking
    number?', on Thu, 17 Mar 2005:
    I have occasionally replied, giving the bank account number of the UK
    Inland Revenue and a contact phone number within the Metropolitan
    Police. Without permission, of course.
  10. Mark Jones

    Mark Jones Guest

    Wow Terry, that's highly unusual. What did the seller have to say? "Sorry it
    must have been lost in the post, but hey that's not my fault?" He should take it
    up with the postal carrier then. There's an old saying - The Customer Comes
    First. eBay has a $200 or $500 guarantee don't they? Or maybe that was a PayPal
    guarantee? Read the fine print, hopefully you're not out anything.

    Every purchase I've made on eBay has been excellent so far. Even bought a
    motorcycle last year, [paid with a banker's cheque for that one.] Did you use
    PayPal? Not that it mattered I guess. I've even bought things from Taiwan twice,
    no problems. In fact, it only took about two extra days to ship from Taiwan, and
    the prices were lower.
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