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OT Fahrenheit

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Terry, Nov 8, 2006.

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  1. Default User

    Default User Guest

    More practically, 60MPH is a mile a minute, and very easy to work with.

  2. Default User

    Default User Guest

    Is that a problem for most people? After all, the same time system is
    used in most places.

  3. Stephen B.

    Stephen B. Guest

    If you are 23 km away how long will it take to get there at 100 kph?
    When I am 23 miles away I instantly know I am 23 min away @ 60mph

    What ever happened to the dual unit traffic signs?
  4. Guest

    If we are going to make these things simple, why not use a digital
    clock and calender. Now if we can just get the rotation of the earth
    to be an even base 10 number, compared to it's circuit of the sun..
  5. krw

    krw Guest

    That sucks! I had another nice day to work outside. It was a
    glorious 62F here in NW Vermont. I think I got sunburnt though.
    It's only supposed to be 50F tomorrow, but that's enough to finish
    my stain and trim work.

    It is time to get the wife's snow tires on though. ...or I'm going
    to be driving her to work.
  6. krw

    krw Guest

    You also implied that it was an English measurement.
    Sure, I also know hat you're an idiot.

  7. Granularity? You mean spacing? Doesn't matter my
    electronic F deg thermometers measure in tenths
  8. Stephen B.

    Stephen B. Guest

    Only if you have 100 minutes in your hours.
  9. Doug Miller

    Doug Miller Guest

    There's definitely something wrong with your math.
    23 km / 100 kph = 0.23 hours, or 13 minutes 48 seconds.
  10. Doug Miller

    Doug Miller Guest

    Absolutely it's a stupid example -- although the demonstration of its
    stupidity could have been better done, e.g. "If you're going 60 mph, a 300
    mile trip also takes five hours. If you're only using one set of units, it
    doesn't make any difference what they are."
  11. Doug Miller

    Doug Miller Guest

    I suppose you'll be leading the charge, then, to have vehicle speedometers
    changed over to meters per second? Don't forget the speed limit signs, too.
  12. Dick Adams

    Dick Adams Guest

    but they are still within the range of temperatures people can
    Water pipes are above-ground in South Florida?

    I need to live somewhere it freezes so last year's insects die.

  13. Default User

    Default User Guest


  14. Mine are very accurate, and yes when I record the
    temperature I round it. The real issue is that
    most people use thermometers to determine
    temperatures that are constantly changing. Check
    a digital one with an outside probe attached.
    The inside temperature is in a housing that is
    heavy enough to act as a heat reservoir so the
    temperature changes slowly, while the outside one
    has hardly any heat sink.

    I have a dual sensor thermometer sitting on a file
    case in my office. Under carefully controlled
    conditions both the internal and the outside
    sensors read the same. In actual practice the
    outside and inside sensors seldom read the same
    even though the sensors are only 5 inches apart.
    I can walk past the sensors (about 2 feet away)
    and stir the air enough that the outside sensor
    changes 0.4-0.5 degrees.

    Outside, temperatures often fluctuate so much that
    anything less that a degree makes no sense. I
    find it hilarious to listen to the weatherman say
    excitedly say that the first freezing night of the
    fall was 27 degrees. What he never says is the
    period. That low of 27 degrees may have existed
    less than a minute and most likely less than 5
    minutes and the time below 32 degrees may have
    been less than 10 minutes.
  15. Guest

    That is a problem but we deal with it.
    In real life I lived in Md and the insects did just fine from year to
    The predators live all year long here too. You just have to recognize
    the good guys and not kill them indiscriminately. A healthy population
    of tree frogs keeps the roaches down.
  16. T

    T Guest

    Right, it's a distance and it is metric. Last I knew, light traveled at
    approximately 3x10^8 m/sec.

    A year is roughly 31,536,000 seconds. So light travels
    9,460,800,000,000,000 m/year. Simplified, 9.5x10^15
  17. T

    T Guest

    Yes it can be measured using both, but traditional usage in the
    scientific community has always been metric.
  18. T

    T Guest

    Or 67!
  19. T

    T Guest

    For some reason, it was elected to keep the operations center (computer
    room) at my office at 65F. It is very cool in there.
  20. T

    T Guest

    From 5:30AM to 8:30AM mine goes to 67F, then 62F until 4:30PM back to
    67F until 11:45PM and then to 62F.
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