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OT: Al Franken

Discussion in 'CAD' started by Jim Thompson, Apr 2, 2004.

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  1. papercut

    papercut Guest

    I caught the broadcasts several times in the last couple weeks. The
    other day, they had John Stewart on, it was a rather funny show. And
    it was nice to hear Walter Cronkite visit yesterday. A couple other
    shows were pretty entertaining, too, though I didn't pick up the names
    of the hosts.

    I wasn't expecting much, along the lines of Hannity, Limbaugh, etc.
    But it was a nice contrast to those. And more funny. The only
    comparable media outlet to AirAmerica I'm aware of is Pacifica radio,
    which I find rather humorless and unlistenable.
  3. There is ABSOLUTELY no equivocation. Bottom line: Air America
    screwed up, and obviously had an incompetently managed and
    executed deal. It really
    does look like a goofy situation, but that is to be expected
    from the Air America intellectually incompetent fools espousing
    childish junior high (or grade school) caliber humor..

    As appropriate, I haven't backed off anything that I have claimed,
    but it does appear that your inability to understand very much fits
    in very well with your political (and obviously general) personal

    Given the fact that Air America has to pay for their Airtime, they
    are little more than pure informercial. Ron Popiel and Al Franken
    obviously both sell low end junk: in Al's case, he is selling the
    Democrat party :).

    If you are leftist, then the higher quality candidate would
    be Nader. If you are centrist/non-radical-leftist, then
    the only choice (for president) is unfortunately Bush. Too
    bad the Dems keep on trying to sell the 'junk products' to us.

    There is absolutely NO equivocation, and simply stating accurate
    facts. Remember: alot of people like junk products, but I don't
    tolerate junk (like the Dems.)

  4. -------------
    One guy screwed up his station. Grow up.

    and obviously had an incompetently managed and
    Your obviously partisan bias.
    When GWB is out on his ass, we'll pee on you.

    You're trying to be imaginative, and failing.

  5. krw

    krw Guest

    I didn't know one 1000W radio station could cover both the Chicago and
    L.A. markets. Neat trick Steve.
  7. Chuck Harris

    Chuck Harris Guest

    You still have it wrong Steve:

    Air America, has an infomercial, a "talk show", starring Al Franken.
    In order to promote their product (democrat party), Air America *BUYS*
    air time on radio stations across the US.

    Air America contracted with stations across the US but didn't have
    the money to pay for the air time they bought. They bounced checks
    to stations in at least the Chicago and LA markets.

    The station owners in Chicago and LA got mad when the checks bounced,
    and stopped the infomercial in the middle of the broadcast.

    Air America (Al Franken) bounces checks, gets kicked off the air.

  8. "Chuck Harris" wrote ...
    I heard that they had six stations.
    Losing 1/3 of their "network".
  9. KR Williams

    KR Williams Guest

    You said "ONE STATION", liar (like all leftists).
  10. KR Williams

    KR Williams Guest

    Again you lie. It was not one station, it was two. Real biggies
    (1000W) there too.
    *IF* Mr. Heinz gets in there we'll all be peeing in our pants.
    You're a liar. Though everyone can see it, so no harm.
    Yeah, right. He'll do enough damage, since Mr. Heinz is being
    shown for the pompous ass he is. I can see why you like him so.
    Oh my! Now only the great RSW can define terms and he won't share
    his definitions. What an ass...
    He has more than the liar RSW.
  11. -----------------------------------
    Al Franken bounced nuthin'. Checks bounce. Or so the station owner
    claimed, political allegiance uninspected. It's a business dispute,
    not a crime, and nothing that hasn't happened to virtually any
    business, especially getting started and getting its remote arms
    connected properly.

    It is the claim that this reflects anything about politics at ALL
    that is wholly disingenuous and dishonest.

  13. -------------------------
    Disingenuous liar. One station owner, two stations, his political
    ties both uninspected and suspect!

  14. Steve Sands

    Steve Sands Guest

    After nearly a couple decades of listening to both extremes on radio
    and TV I have come to the conclusion that the left is the real enemy
    in the U.S. and abroad. The left has been taken over by neo socialists
    and hypersensitive victocrats that would think nothing of tearing down
    the entire constitution and the freedoms that allow free enterprise
    and private ownership. It's a party that protected a known criminal
    governor and wife from Arkansas when faced with felonies and
    impeachment yet seek the removal of a president for legally attacking
    a country that violated a cease-fire agreement and 17 U.N. mandates.

    Although anyone with a pulse can see through the left's obvious and
    often silly agendas, the American and foreign press continues to
    promote their naive and dangerous concepts without an ounce of
  15. --------------
    Nahhhh, you're just brainwashed by the rich and their minions.

    Leftism is what has brought down the divine right of kings, or foils
    any minority that wishes to enslave the rest of us so they don't have
    to work and can live fabulously while the rest of us suffer, and now
    in the near future the Left heads us toward the inevitable final goal
    of destroying all economic unfairness, such as the desire of Rich
    Rightists benfit without laboring or any other undeserved wealth.

    Leftism is Democracy is Freedom is Democratic Communism, it isn't
    Leftism that threatens us, because it is Rightism that takes us away
    from Freedom and heads us toward an unfree society where you will
    have a bomb planted in your chest to make you shut up and work for
    the Rich so they can party and ignore us, their "machines"!

    Our freedoms are endangered by those who would tell us they are worth
    more than we are, deserve more pay than we do, even though they do no
    work, and who say, basically, that they deserve to rule us! Rightism
    is Monarachy, Oligarchy, Rich, Wealth, Banditry, Theft, Enslavement,
    and everything that Democratic government was invented to defeat by
    organizing us "rabble" against those few bandit-lords of the nobility!

    The Rich are DIRECTLY in the line of inheritance of our feudal masters,
    and Capitalism is itself merely a form of cryto-feudalism, wherein the
    slaves are allowed to wander around and to THINK that they are "free"
    thereby, despite the fact that they aren't ALLOWED to own their own
    homes, because the Rich have stolen them all by inherited claim, and
    the People are reduced to paying MOST of their measly wage in rental
    TRIBUTE to them MONTHLY!

    Expanding Democratic Communist Freedom makes the ownership of any but
    YOUR OWN home in which YOU live ILLEGAL, and makes production work
    the ONLY means by which someone can earn wealth, ENDING ALL forms of
    speculation and investment as phony means of purportedly "deserving"
    wealth for no obvious reason, and affirms the right AT BIRTH of each
    person to the ownership of their fair share of all of our species'
    residential property, and their fair share of democratic control of
    those productive lands, mines, farms, and factories, by democratic
    vote of themselves and their neighbors regionally!

    Only those licentious PHONY rights that spell "finders-keepers-stealers"
    to the rich and their quest for the OWNERSHIP of the lives of the REST
    of us as their SLAVES!! NO MORE speculation, investment, gouging,
    rental housing, mortgage, banks, insurance, stock market or gambling,
    all of those must be banned on pain of death!!!! ONLY productive labor
    paid absolutely EQUALLY per hour, AS "Hours" should be paid for
    products, and those products must be priced by the labor hours it takes
    to make them collectively, augmenting their price ONLY to pay for
    democratically assigned public works and the responsibility to care
    for the aged and infirm, requiring everyone healthy to work a minimum
    number of hours a week for their basic living on pain of being denied
    food, and to work more hours for their produced consumer devices.
    Even the handicapped can be assigned suitable limited work for their
    living, everyone can produce who now is a parasite making his living
    off others, and together our invcreased production personnel will
    produce vastly more and cheaper consumer devices.
  16. Bill

    Bill Guest

    entire? I really did not know that. I thought they favored free speech, press,
    right to a trial, etc. Thanks for clearing that up.
    Wow! To be a known criminal don't you have to be conviced of something? Or in
    your view can you be a "known criminal" for just being a democrat. Of course,
    being a WIFE of a known criminal if far far worse.
    Right on! Bush has not been given fair credit for making sure UN resolutions
    are enforced even if they do not want them to be. He is willing to spend
    hundreds of billions of US $s and scacrifice hundreds of Americans to insure
    that the UN does not become a paper tiger. This was one of his main rationales
    for war.
    Absolutely true, Fox News, Washington Times, NY Post, MSNBC, they are not
    worth an ounce of spit.

  17. Tim Auton

    Tim Auton Guest

    I thought Bush supported Israel...

  18. KR Williams

    KR Williams Guest

    Again, RSW, You're a LIAR. You continue= to state that it was
    *one* station, when it was two. If you *meant* one station
    owner, then why didn't you say that, even after being corrected?
    I can only conclude that you're a *liar*, since you have no use
    for the truth, even after your points have been thoroughly
    rebutted. I do understand that lies are okey-dokey for leftists.
    ....whatever it takes to convince the chronically stupid, even
  19. KR Williams

    KR Williams Guest

    You're the one caught in the lie, Stevie! It wasn't *one*
    station, as you repeatedly claim. It was at least *two*. Since
    the truth was pointed out to you and you continue to say *one*,
    you *are* a liar. mistakes, a fuckin' *LIE*. We now know
    what you're about.

    You *LIE*. That is now an established fact.

    In your dreams. Keep snoozing. ...and lying. Mr. Heinz loves
    his kind.

    You're a total ass, Steevie. You're parents undoubtedly have
    known this for some decades.
    No, Steevie! *YOU* are the one caught in the lie.
  20. The reason why I had earlier quit the discussion was that ANY THINKING
    PERSON would have seen that RSW has totally impeached himself WRT
    any kind of credibility. For those who still believe his nonsense,
    there will be no hope for an kind of open minded (and clear thinking)
    evaluation. For those who accept the fact that HOWEVER often they
    agree or disagree with me (they don't have to politically agree with
    every one of my positions), the Air America scheme has been fully
    exposed as the infomercial that it really is. Not only that, it APPEARS
    that they havent even done a competent job of negotiating their contracts
    and/or paid their "dues."

    And yes, the reports were on TWO radio stations, and it is a lie to
    claim that it was only one because the TWO stations are owned by
    a single owner that was apparently screwed by the lefties.

    Also, I don't know why people are making such a big deal out of 1kW
    MW radio stations!!! For a large metro area (in a noisy city), 10kW is
    the minimum that makes any sense for easy reception (especially at
    night, when people have time to listen without disrupting their work.)
    1kW tends to be too weak, even for moderate
    sized cities like Indy, Cinnci or Columbus OH. When looking at LA or
    Chicago Metro, a 1kW station is a more than a little on the weak side.

    It is too bad that the Air America scam has been trying to take away
    minority targeted broadcast time, not even able to clearly and
    easily reach the whole metro areas. It seems alot like the Air
    America scheme has been poorly planned.

    Organized complex thinking hasn't been much of an attribute of the left,
    but they are good at organizing based upon simplistic chants that
    are so common in the protest marches of the incompetents.

    Perhaps they have tried to take advantage of the financial distress that
    is so common in minority areas -- and even trying to take away their radio
    stations :-(. Oh well, it is MOST STRONGLY a leftist attribute to
    believe that the 'ends justifies the means.'

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