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Orion PM4202 Plasma Service Manual

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Graham Robinson, May 9, 2007.

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  1. Hi all. looking for the schematic of the power board on the Orion PM4202
    plasma TV (also known as the Vision PM4202). Fault is it wont power up,
    relay clicks off after about 6 seconds and it goes into standby.

    Any assistance greatly appreciated

    Thanks in advance


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  2. John_H

    John_H Guest

    Hi Graham

    Could you mention which PWM circuit is on your power board?. This wil
    probably clear if there is a fault or not in your power board. Based o
    your comments, I would think about other problem rather than powe
    board. The PWM number will help...


  3. Hi John, thanks for the response. Do you actually know this chassis? , this
    set has 2 very large power boards in it , simply marked SP-2000 power 1 and
    SP-2000 power 2. Both boards are made by SM-TECH Korea.

    Its difficult to say which PWM circuit is in use as there are so many
    individual power circuits on these 2 boards. I can verify though that the
    1st board seems to be supplying 380v to psu 2 and most of the voltages off
    PSU 2 seem to be more or less correct with the exception of the 12volt
    lines. Its difficult to just jump in and say the 12volt line is at fault as
    it may be low due to the unit not firing up correctly due to excessive load
    elsewhere. I really need to get hold of the circuit diagram of the complete
    power supply circuitry if anyone has it.

    On a seperate note, if anyone is looking for the schematic for a Hyundai
    HPT4240 (Badged LG model) i do have the PSU schematic for it , just drop me
    an email. (it took me about 3 days scouring the internet to find it )

  4. On a seperate note, if anyone is looking for the schematic for a Hyundai
    Where did you eventually find it?
  5. On a Russion schematics site, cant remember the name but i will post a link
    up here shortly to some websapce where the file can be downloaded from. You
    will need Acrobat Reader and Korean font set installing to view it.



    May 22, 2007
    Dear Graham,

    Re your Orion PM4202 did you find a circuit for it?

    I have one with a similar problem, relay clicks off after 2-3 seconds.

    Any help or comments gratefully received.

    Best wishes,

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