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orcad9.0 under windows XP

Discussion in 'CAD' started by wolf, Feb 24, 2006.

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  1. wolf

    wolf Guest

    Hi everyone,

    before I got Orcad9.0 running under WINNT 4.0, no problems.

    But, now I use WINXP and whenever I try to install Orcad9,
    via the splash menu, I get following error:

    SPlash MFC apllication has encountered a problem ...

    When runnign the setup.exe immediately from the CD via explorer,
    the installation starts, but at the very first file transfer, I get
    following error:

    Severe :
    General file transfer error. Please check your target location and try
    Error number:-2

    However, I checked the location ( c:\program files\orcad\), I have
    enough disk space, and I tried it fith fat32 and ntfs file system,
    nothing helps.
    So, anyone any idea what's wrong?

  2. private

    private Guest

    Could it be that your CD media is corrupted/damaged? If that's not it,
    perhaps see if setting Orcad9.exe or whatever it is for Windows 2000
    compatibility (right-click on it) and see if the problems disappears.

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  3. Take a look at your CD, and see if there is a different .exe, something
    like _setup.exe or something like that. It has been a LONG time, but
    IIRC this skipped the splash screen, and went right to the installer.

    Of course, you are asking for trouble installing something that came out
    long before WinXP, and hoping it will run there...

  4. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest

    Particularly if it's OrCAD ;-)

    Of course old copies of TurboTax won't either :-(

    ...Jim Thompson
  5. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    MFC ? sounds like a VC/ VB compiled app ?
    anyways, its possible that its trying to replace a
    file that is in use already? most likely would be
    one of the support runtimes in the system folder.
    oR!, you could have a failed CD, CD rom Drive or
    the App is trying to do some screwy software protection
    check using a function your CD/CD drivers does not support
    or !, you could have problems with some long file name on
    some folders? or!. you are not logged in as Admin and on a
    pc that is restricted ?
    who knows! :) could be a many of things!
  6. wolf

    wolf Guest

    I tried to install on another PC with another windows version ( win98)
    still the same problems, so, my CDrom reader works fine and the CD is
    not damaged ( I could copy all files from it to harddisk) and I do
    nowhere find the compatibility info.

    By the way, who is generating rhe error I get , Microsoft or the Orcad
    application and why is there no real explanation of what kind of error
    error number:-2 means?

    This is the error I always get:

    Severe :
    General file transfer error. Please check your target location and try
    Error number:-2

  7. wolf

    wolf Guest


    which file is it trying to replace int he system folder, it doesn't tell me.
    CD and CD rom drive seems to be ok after trying several different Cd
    drives and copying from CD to HD.

    I have tried also from a dvd drive, the latest one, so I think this must
    at least support the "screwy" SW protection check.
    I was lgged in as admin as well.
    winxp supports verly long file names as well.
    So, any other idea?

  8. Ken Smith

    Ken Smith Guest

    To me "target location" implies that the problem is at the hard disk not
    the CD rom. Have you done a scan on the hard drive lately?

    It may be that the install cd refers to the "C:" drive. At XP Microsoft
    is trying to start moving away from the old "C:" "D:" drive
  9. Joseph2k

    Joseph2k Guest

    Not very effectively mind you; DOS 3.1 had better facilities.
  10. Ken Smith

    Ken Smith Guest

    With Microsoft, every OS is better than the next.
  11. Joel Kolstad

    Joel Kolstad Guest

    About two decades back good old AmigaDOS would prompt with things like,
    "Please insert volume OrCAD: in any drive..." Nicest approach I've ever seen
    taken. (It also had the very demanding error message, "You MUST replace
    volume OrCAD in drive df0:!" if you removed the disk while it was writing to
    it. Also a little nicer than most other OSes that just give up and fail and
    immediately give you a corrupted file as a result.)
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